Should You Visit Pocono Mountains?

Is Pocono Mountains worth visiting?

Yes, Pocono Mountains is definitely worth visiting for numerous reasons. Its a region that everyone should see, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.

Whether you're a traveling as a family, a couple, or a backpacker, this region has a lot to offer. Any local will tell you what makes it special is the terrific skiing and great hiking.

The Pocono Mountains, often referred to as the Poconos, are a beautiful mountain region in the state of Pennsylvania. The area is filled with recreational activities, parks, and natural areas. There are also towns with charming downtown areas as well as hiking trails, ski resorts, and lakes. Visitors come to enjoy the natural beauty and adventure sports. The towns are perfect for antiquing or grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant.

Camelback Mountain Camelback Mountain

6 Reasons to Visit Pocono Mountains

1. Skiing

There are a number of ski resorts in the area that offer family-friendly skiing or more advanced options. Some of the most popular ski areas are Big Boulder, Blue Mountain, Camelback Mountain, and Jack Frost Mountain.

2. Hiking

There are miles of hiking trails that take you through forests or to spectacular waterfalls. Trails range from easy to challenging and each offers a great way to escape into nature. Some of the more popular trails are found in Tobyhanna State Park and Promised Land State Park. The Appalachian Trail also passes through the area.

3. Museums

Visiting a local museum is a great way to learn about the area's history and Native American population. For a glimpse back in time, you can visit the Asa Packer Mansion, Grey Towers National Historic Landmark, or Columns Museum. The Old Jail Museum is a fascinating place to visit and even offers ghost tours. The Pocono Indian Museum and Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm are both worth a visit as well.

4. Food

Family-friendly restaurants are common. Many serve up casual American cuisine like burgers or pasta. There are also more upscale restaurants, some with impressive views, that will elevate your culinary experience. For a local experience, find a restaurant with a seasonal menu that makes the most of the local ingredients.

5. Resorts

Resorts range from family-friendly to romantic. Many have indoor pools or even water parks. Some also have spas, restaurants, and plenty of amenities.

6. Shopping

Head to the towns for some the best local shopping. The downtown areas in each of the major towns - Jim Thorpe, Stroudsburg, Milford, and Honesdale - have local vendors, antique shops, and the occasional flea market or farmer's market.

Is Pocono Mountains worth visiting in the Summer?

The weather in Pocono Mountains is fairly warm during summer, and stays around 24°C (75°F). But it can get as warm as 30°C (86°F) at times, too. It's also quite rainy during this season, so be prepared.

The peak season for travel is summer in Pocono Mountains, so expect to see more tourists than usual. This destination is quite popular with tourists, and in the high season it's even busier than usual as this is when most people like to visit. Expect crowds to be large, and prices to be a bit higher than normal. However, there's plenty to do here this time of year, too.

The gorgeous scenery this time of year is the main attraction. This is the perfect time to hike around the area and take in the amazing scenery. This is a great time of year to go hiking, wander through the museums, and enjoy the amenities of a resort.

Summer Weather in Pocono Mountains
Avg Temp
Avg Rain
July 24°C (75°F) 111 mm (4.4 in)
August 23°C (73°F) 106 mm (4.2 in)
September 19°C (66°F) 91 mm (3.6 in)

Is Pocono Mountains worth visiting in the Autumn?

Autumn is the high season for travel in Pocono Mountains, so expect more visitors and higher prices. This destination is quite touristy, so in the high season it's busier than usual. You'll see larger crowds and longer lines, as well as higher prices. On the other hand, there's plenty to see and do at this time of year because everything is open.

You'll find the weather to be very nice here during autumn with average temperatures around 13°C (55°F).

You'll find plenty to do during autumn, as you'll be able to admire the wonderful scenery, browse through museums, and discover the nearby hiking trails.

Autumn Weather in Pocono Mountains
Avg Temp
Avg Rain
October 13°C (55°F) 69 mm (2.7 in)
November 7°C (45°F) 91 mm (3.6 in)
December 1°C (33°F) 91 mm (3.6 in)

Is Pocono Mountains worth visiting in the Winter?

This is the shoulder season for travel in Pocono Mountains. This destination is quite touristy, so in the shoulder season you'll still come across plenty of touriss. However, the prices tend to be a little cheaper.

The weather in Pocono Mountains can be quite cold during winter, and averages around -2°C (28°F). But be prepared for much lower temperatures, too.

Most visitors come during the winter for the terrific skiing and snowboarding, as it's the main activity here. During this season it's fun to experience the snow skiing, the famous sights and museums, and the cuisine.

Winter Weather in Pocono Mountains
Avg Temp
Avg Rain
January -2°C (28°F) 77 mm (3 in)
February -1°C (31°F) 71 mm (2.8 in)
March 5°C (41°F) 92 mm (3.6 in)

Is Pocono Mountains worth visiting in the Spring?

You'll find the weather to be very nice here during spring with average temperatures around 11°C (51°F).

Spring is the shoulder season for travel in Pocono Mountains, which means slightly less visitors than in the peak season. This destination is quite touristy, so in the shoulder season you can still find plenty of crowds, but better prices.

This is a great time of year to browse the shops, browse the museums, and admire the wonderful scenery.

Spring Weather in Pocono Mountains
Avg Temp
Avg Rain
April 11°C (51°F) 96 mm (3.8 in)
May 17°C (62°F) 96 mm (3.8 in)
June 22°C (71°F) 88 mm (3.5 in)

Things to Consider Before Visiting Pocono Mountains

Nightlife: Most people don't associate Pocono Mountains with a lively nightlife scene. There are some resorts with casinos and bars as well as local breweries and bars. You'll also find a theater or two in the area.

Getting Around
The area is not very walkable, and public transit is not great here, so it might be difficult to get around without arranging your own transportation.

The Cost
Depending on your budget, schedule, and travel style, Pocono Mountains might be an expensive destination for you. You can find out the travel costs for Pocono Mountains here or see if Pocono Mountains is expensive here.


What is Pocono Mountains most famous for?

Pocono Mountains is most famous for its hiking trails, boating and fishing, and small towns. The region is very popular for its skiing and hiking. It's also known for museums, food, resorts, and shopping. It is often described as scenic, beautiful, magnificent, and relaxing.

What is the most famous sight in Pocono Mountains?

The most popular sight in Pocono Mountains is Bushkill Falls. You can see prices and costs for this and other sights in Pocono Mountains on our travel costs page.

Or, see tickets, activities, and tours for Bushkill Falls and other attractions here.

How touristy is Pocono Mountains? Is it a popular region to visit?

Pocono Mountains is a popular region for tourists and travelers. Here are some of the most popular activities and tours. (Prices in US Dollars)

    • Delaware Water Gap Air Tour: $141
    • Private Mount Pocono Observation Air Tour: $64
    • Trolley Tour in Historic Jim Thorpe: $22

    How long should I spend in Pocono Mountains?

    The ideal length of time for a trip to Pocono Mountains is at least three or as many as seven days. Since Pocono Mountains has activities such as skiing and hiking, many visit for up to seven days.

    If you have a specific amount of time for your trip, see our advice about how much time to spend here: Should I spend 1, 2, or 3 days in Pocono Mountains?, Should I spend 3, 4, or 5 days in Pocono Mountains?, and Should I spend 1 or 2 weeks in Pocono Mountains?.