The summer has ended and there’s a bite in the air. In a few months we’ll all be itching for warm weather again. But how affordable is the Caribbean? Do you want a trip to Cayman Islands? Is it possible to escape the winter chill and still not break the bank? Below we’ve listed five affordable Caribbean options for even the most economically challenged traveler.

The Bahamas

It’s definitely possible to go to the Bahamas without the glitz and glamor. Head to Nassau and search out a budget hotel. There are options available for under $100. Plan ahead and book a room with a kitchen and you can cook for yourself. Grocery stores are affordable and offer all of the finest seafood selections. You can still enjoy the local specialties, even if you cook them yourself. The extra money you safe will allow you to splurge on occasion with a nicer caribbean restaurant than you could otherwise afford.

Puerto Rico

Affordable options abound in Puerto Rico. Dine at a Kioskos (street stands) and enjoy the local specialties. Try some pionono (stuffed plantains), experience the culture, and save some money. Take in some free activities that will keep you entertained, such as wandering the streets in Old San Juan. The narrow cobblestone lanes are perfect for walking. Check out the crafts from a local sidewalk artist or visit a boutique shop nearby. Alternatively, head out of San Juan and stay at a budget hotel near El Yunque National Forest. You’ll escape the crowded city, and the hotels and restaurants are even more affordable.

US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are most famous for their beaches. The white sand and blue waters are postcard perfect. To experience this paradise with a high price tag, consider renting a condo. Split the accommodation with friends and make it a group retreat. Cook your own meals, divide the excursions, and everybody will save money. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a snorkeling trip, a truly unique experience in the US Virgin Islands.


Jamaica is one of the more affordable options in the Caribbean. All-inclusive resorts are a popular option in Jamaica, and can actually be quite affordable if you find a deal. Alternatively, going local in Jamaica can save you big bucks. Stay at a locally owned hotel, eat a local restaurants, mingle with locals. You’ll come home with a cultural experience as well as a tan, and you’ll find your money has been well spent.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers some affordable options from hotels to restaurants. Grab yourself a basic hotel to skip the high end and high priced resorts. Then head to one of the resorts that will rent you snorkel equipment, and lounge on the beach. You’ll get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. Also insure that your hotel is within walking distance to most of your destinations and you’ll save plenty on taxi fares.