The time has finally come – You’re going to the USA! You’ve saved up, booked the time off work and you’re ready to start booking, but where do you go? When it comes to travelling to this huge country it can become overwhelming choosing between the 50 states because every state has something to do! With a wide range of prices and no real plan, it can lead to a very expensive holiday indeed. However, we are here to help and take a quick look into five of the best destinations in the US to travel to on a budget. So, grab your ESTA and starting finding your flight to one of these top 5 locations.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Whether you decide to take the family to the museum of fine art, or you spend the day at one of the 60+ national parks here, there is plenty for you to do in Salt Lake City. The city plays host to a number of free experience such as visiting the lakes and exploring the local area, that can still provide hours of fun for you and the family without costing a penny. In addition to these activities, you will also be treated to some stunning views whilst driving around the capital of Utah and with a wide variety of cheap accommodation, you can find the right place to stay at a price that suits your budget. With a wide range of hotels between around £70-£180 a night depending on where you decide to stay, you can rest assured that you will find a high-quality hotel at a more than affordable price point.

Orlando, Florida

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While Florida had a reputation for being a tourist trap, Orlando features its fair share of hidden budget-friendly options. Home to “The Happiest Place On Earth” – Disney World – and it’s various other parks, Orlando in Florida is the go-to choice for countless families when visiting the USA. But that’s not all, as so many of the attractions here are on the list of the best things to do in Florida. The state hosts millions of tourists every year, so rest assured that there is an abundance of hotels that have a price point to suit every family’s budget. In addition, there are a wide array of activities and things to do that really add value for money too. Whether you decide to head to one of the plentiful theme parks (look out for the best deals!), swim with dolphins or spend a night at one of the best local restaurants in town, you can be sure that you’ll do so in style without going over your budget.

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Washington D.C

This amazing location is not only the epicenter of America’s political standing, but it also has a large number of landmarks that you can visit, often for free. Whether you decide to spend the day at the Lincoln Memorial or visit the White House there is plenty for those that love all things politics. However, if this does not sound like your idea of fun there are a multitude of other activities for you to do; visit a free concert at the national gallery of art or even take a trip to the Exorcist stairs, made famous by the 1973 film.

San Francisco, California

When visiting the United States, one of the most iconic locations you could possibly visit is San Francisco. With landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge as well as Pier 39 for you to take a look at for free, there is plenty to do on a budget whether travelling alone or on a romantic trip. In addition to this, you also have the option to visit the infamous Alcatraz Island – this prison is said to have been inescapable and was home to some of the fiercest criminals that the USA has ever seen. If you want a closer look at this must-see location, it’s just a short boat trip away into San Francisco Bay. And there are plenty of cheap places to eat in San Francisco, too.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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For many, it is a common misconception that Las Vegas is an expensive place to visit. However, it’s far easier to visit on a budget than you might think, especially if you know where to look. With a wide array of hotels offering cheaper rooms at affordable prices, particularly when booking packages or staying further away from The Strip, you can be living it up in Sin City without breaking the bank. However, we recommend avoiding the temptation to play at the casinos as this has the potential to make it expensive. With plenty of shops for you to explore as well as a night spent walking the world-famous Strip, you can have the full Vegas experience, regardless of your budget. Las Vegas offers so many things to do!

There are plenty of places that you can visit within the United States without breaking the bank, meaning that you can take the whole family to have some fun in the sun without any financial concerns. Enjoy!