A holiday in paradise is never cheap, especially when it comes to a place like Hawaii. The smooth sand on the beaches and the blue waters seem to be calling, but they tend to empty one’s pockets at the same time. From flights to accommodation to food, this destination can be expensive, even for a short trip. But what if you’re not just looking for a quick trip, but a long and immersive experience into the culture and local lifestyle? It would cost a fortune, wouldn’t it? Hotels can run you out of your money very soon, and sometimes even hostels can eat up a major portion of your savings.

The easiest way is to work or volunteer with your skills and in return, earn in meals and basic accommodation.

What is Work for Accommodation?

The term revolves around the idea of helping out the locals with a particular work in exchange for a bed at their place. These tasks could be anything like teaching a language, animal keeping, baby sitting, helping in the farm, carpentry or general maintenance, etc. The duration of the contract can be from a day to many months, depending upon the job.

Why use Work for Accommodation?

3 How to enjoy the sandy beaches of Hawaii without spending a single penny on accommodationA very good reason to work for the locals is that it helps you save money. It makes for a fluid transaction of skills and accommodation, making it a good win-win situation and financially manageable for both parties. Another one is that it brings you the closest to experience a different culture than any other option might offer; it is an opportunity to understand their lives, belief systems, and traditions that one cannot possibly experience through some pages of a book.


The state of Hawaii also provides with similar opportunities to people from all around the world; an insightful experience into the lives of the locals and helping them to benefit the humanity altogether. All you need to have is the zeal to work for a few hours a week.


4 How to enjoy the sandy beaches of Hawaii without spending a single penny on accommodationA community of surfers, musicians and artists started an initiative aimed at working for the benefit of the society. They are a group of young and energetic individuals who have one thing in common; the idea of serving the society. If you think you can devote  a few hours a day five times a week in any of these fields;  general labor/maintenance, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, retail, barista, graphic designing, web designing, mechanics, roofing, IT, you will end up making one of the most precious memories of your life.


  • A U.S. tourist visa.
  • Any of the following skills: General labour/maintenance, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, retail, graphic designing, web designing, IT professional, mechanic, barista (3 month minimum commitment).
  • 40 hours per week of work, with Sundays and Mondays off
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Volunteers stay in apartment complexes with a kitchen, living room, or dorm room. Each dorm room is shared between six people. And one key factor that makes a trip enthralling is meeting new people and making friends.

There will be plenty of time for going to beaches, surfing and visiting tourist sites once you are done with your day. Look for spaces in groups where you can fit in; it will significantly enhance your experiences.

For more details, visit hippohelp.com.

5 How to enjoy the sandy beaches of Hawaii without spending a single penny on accommodation