Free Things to Do in Chicago

Don’t worry budget travelers, Chicago doesn’t have to be too expensive! For your next trip, we have assembled a list of the best free things to do in Chicago. And fortunately, that list is long. From the Money museum to the various parks, gardens, galleries, and more, here’s a great list of free stuff in Chicago to get you started.

How do you provide proof of onward travel when you buy a one-way ticket ?

Showing proof of onward travel is one of the big challenges that one-way travelers must face when purchasing a plane ticket. Most destinations in the world will indeed ask for proof that you plan on leaving the country after your stay. But what if you don’t want to have plans and bother with a fixed return ticket? Luckily, there are some solutions you can consider, like renting a real plane ticket for a few dollars with Onward Ticket.

How Not to Blow Your Money Abroad on Vacation

One great secret to having a great vacation is knowing how NOT to blow your money abroad. Because if you do, you may likely end up with a huge debt. And all the good memories of that vacation will be buried deep in bills and demand notices you do not know how to pay back. Here we talk about how you can plan your travel budget and avoid spending frivolously while gallivanting abroad.

The Ultimate Budget Guide to Your American Vacation

Are you thinking of traveling to America? You definitely should! With some of the most beautiful sites in the world and incredible experiences, there is so much to see, do, and explore. If you’ve looked around at booking already, you may be thrown off by the expenses, especially if you’ve already got a quote. However, it is possible to explore this great country on a budget. So, if you’re interested, keep on reading! We’re going to be discussing the ultimate budget guide to your American Vacation.

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