Bangkok is a haven for affordable tourism. Whether you are there for mind-blowing shopping or Thai heritage or Bangkok food tour, the city has so much to offer that will keep you hooked. Grab a cycle to explore the city, go for a private food tour in Bangkok, take public transport and don’t be shy to haggle to experience Bangkok as one of the locals. Here are some of the amazing experiences that you simply cannot miss out on.

Treat yourself to sumptuous street Food

Go on a Bangkok food tour because that city has so much to offer that you will never be tired of eating here. From oodles of meaty goodness to the freshest sea food, from a huge variety of noodles to mouthwatering desserts, you name it and a Bangkok food tour will tingle your taste buds like never before. Walk through the streets of the city such as Soi 38 Sukhumvit, Silom Road etc. to experience the best of Bangkok food. Try out their various meats on a stick on for an extremely affordable and filling meal. Or check out some of the best cafes in Bangkok for a chance to unwind with coffee or lunch. There’s also plenty of high-end restaurants worth trying, too!

streetfood 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Ethereal floating Markets

One of the most spectacular things that you will see here is its floating markets. Although you will have to take a little half day tour from the city for it, the experience is totally worth the effort. From the most delicious fresh fruits to grilled meats, from homemade natural ice cream to local Thai delicacies, continue your Bangkok food tour on the waters by small hand-drawn boats which will take you around the canals while you eat to your heart’s content. You can also buy souvenirs for your friends and family as there are tons of local artisans selling artifacts, art, clothes etc. on their boats.

floatingmarket 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Rich heritage and culture

Experience the rich Thai heritage and culture by visiting the ancient temples and monasteries such as Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun etc. which are steeped in tales as old as time. Get yourself a local English-speaking guide to enrich your experience. Make sure to catch a traditional dance show such as the Khon, Likay etc. while you are at it.

buddha 340501 1920 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Get close with nature

Keep a day for nature as you leave the bustling city for a one-hour ride to the Safari World and Marine world. Here you can enjoy a safari ride with wild animals in their habitat passing by, feed some of the tame animals from your own hand and enjoy the various shows and stunts. Make sure you do not miss the dolphin show which is the most popular among all ages.

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safariworld 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Dinner cruise and Ferris Wheel

Make sure to treat yourself a beautiful river cruise down the Chao Phraya river as a part of your Bangkok food tour. Enjoy some of the most delectable Thai food and watch an array of exciting performances on board. The view of the sunset on the river is simply breathtaking. If you want the most jaw dropping panoramic views, take a ride on the Ferris Wheel at Asiatique Riverfront for an exhilarating experience.

rivercruise 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Shop till you drop

Famous as a shopping destination, Bangkok has a bunch of amazing markets and malls such as Pratunam Market, Indira Market, Platinum Mall, MBK Centre, etc. where you can find almost everything such as souvenirs, art pieces, apparel, bags, shoes, skin care products, high end cosmetics, gadgets etc. at extremely affordable prices for all budgets. If you want something more exciting, night markets are where you need to be. Just because it is time for people to go to bed doesn’t mean shopping has to end. Simply take it to the night market for the best apparel and accessories around. The locals are friendly and not opposed to bargaining either.

light rails 459064 1920 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok
bangkokmarket 6 Things you just cannot afford to miss when in Bangkok

Over the recent years this stunning tropical paradise has not only served as a popular destination for honeymoon, it has also drawn crowds of all ages with its exceptionally remarkable tourist friendliness. Bangkok has so much to offer that it will be difficult to say goodbye!