Once known by the name of Bombay, Mumbai is one of India’s most vibrant cities. The interesting history of colonial occupation, blended with traditional religion and culture, gives the city a unique character, and one that will give any trip an exceptional touch. You can find a great diversity of activities, and a modern side to the city that guarantees you’ll be staying in the best accommodation options.

While there are many travel destinations with potential, Mumbai stands out as a unique and special option with a possibility of hiring local photographers in Mumbai. Whatever the reason for your travels, be it a family vacation, a honeymoon celebration, or a solo retreat, Mumbai will not fail to amaze and astound you during your trip. It’s a great opportunity for travelers to get some pictures of the history, culture, and undeniable style of India.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India, Mumbai

The Best of India

Thanks to its status as an important center for finance, Mumbai is India’s biggest city and has seen some of the best development in the country. The city is also famous for the Bollywood industry, with celebrity TV stars and productions always taking place. When taking photographs in Mumbai, you might end up feeling like a star yourself; with such spectacular surroundings, anyone is bound to feel the special quality of pictures in Mumbai.

Historic Charm

The architecture and landmarks of Mumbai are a combination of colonial buildings and traditional edifices. One of the most iconic structures in the city is the Gateway of India arch located on the waterfront close to the Mumbai Harbor. There is also the Victorian era railway station Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which is still used today but also stands as a historic monument. Each of these places is an excellent choice for a photo shoot, owing to their grandeur and significance. Maybe you want to get pictures of a unique proposal, or you and your friends are traveling together and hope to get pictures for everyone to remember the special time. In either case, you can use the Mumbai’s landmarks to make your pictures unique and meaningful.

Taaj Hotel, Mumbai

Culture and Activities

All around Mumbai you can find an interesting combination of history and modern development. Delve deeper into the cultural aspect of the city by visiting the nearby Elephanta Island, located just offshore. Here there are ancient cave temples with stunning stone sculptures, making it an excellent place visit if you’re hoping to take some characteristic and unique pictures of Mumbai. Throughout the year, there are also numerous festivals celebrated in Mumbai, full of color, lights, and excitement. If you’re traveling with friends or family, attending a festival could be a good bonding experience and a great chance to take some memorable pictures. You can also plan a visit to some of the city museums and art galleries to enjoy Mumbai’s cultural scene.

Snake charmer on the streets of Mumbai

Mumbai may still be a bit rough around the edges, but the city also embodies the undeniable charm and beauty of India. Photographs are a must when traveling to such a special place, and it might be worth considering hiring a professional through a service like Localgrapher to ensure your vacation pictures are the best possible. Around every corner of Mumbai you’ll find something new to explore, and a diversity in activities and attractions that will guarantee everyone can find something that will make the trip meaningful.  

The market in Mumbai
The market in Mumbai

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