International relations today allow you to leave your home country and go live in another country. You can choose to live in any country you desire. However, visiting another country and moving as a permanent resident have a clear difference in the process. 

Both ideas can be exciting and thrilling. However, the later is more challenging and overwhelming. Though it is so, it can also be rewarding and enriching. How satisfying the experience will be is dependent on how well you plan the process. You will only get the maximum experiential benefits if you begin to plan early.

Whether you are moving locally or national, with man with a van moving your treasures, you have complete peace of mind that your treasures will arrive safely, securely and on-time. Starting your plan will make your transition more comfortable and make the challenging process manageable. To help start the planning process, we put together some steps you should take before leaving. Wherever the destination or distance, this article will show you how to make it a success. Without much ado, let’s look into some of the steps.

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Factors To Consider Before Moving

Countries like Canada, Singapore welcome immigrants with an open hand. However, many states require that immigrants go through rigorous tests before acceptance. Some countries ban permanent immigrants. If you are serious about making a long-term movement into another country, you should find out;

  • Countries that accommodate immigrants
  • What it means to live in the country of your choice
  • Guidelines and procedures involved in moving to the country
  • The cost of moving to another country
  • The restrictions and common considerations for immigrants
  • The advantages and disadvantages of moving to another country permanently.

If you can do a proper analysis using the above guide, you will be half-way ready to embark on the journey. Most importantly, you will be sure if you need to move or not. We will help throw insights into some of the factors to consider, as listed above. This way, you will find it easy to make decisions.

Steps To A Successful Move Abroad

Do your Research

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Moving abroad requires a lot of research work. You need to get yourself familiar with the place you’ll soon call your home country. You need first-hand information on things that will ease your transition. You need to know what it means to live in the country you have chosen.

Learn about the culture, how its government operates, and the people. Read up on the social rules, norms, and etiquette. Get into books written about the country. You can watch movies that took place in the country.

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The goal is to get an idea of what to expect. Do you need to learn a new language? Invest in learning the basics. Learn a few words and phrases. This way, you will blend in easily on arrival.

Save as much money as you can

What is the plan to move without the adequate financial capacity to back it up? You need to consider how much it will cost to move into the country. Your savings will be to cover costs such as visa application, travel ticket(s), housing, and other pressing expenses. You will need to plan for extras as there can be unforeseen expenses.

You should research the exchange rate. How much will the currency you save in be worth in the country? It will help in planning how far you need to go in savings. Also, find out the cost of living. Be ready to pay unexpected expenses for a few months.

Apply for a New Passport or renew the old one

The next step would have been that you should apply for a visa. However, you need an up-to-date and valid passport to apply for a visa. The requirement for a valid passport differs by country. Some countries require that you have a passport valid for six months, at least. If you’re moving to such a country, you will need to get your passport early. (U.S. Citizen passport information can be found here.)

Some countries make provision for passport renewal online. Find out if your country has such an arrangement and take advantage of it where necessary. You can keep doing it while you are resident abroad.

Apply for a Visa

To apply for a visa requires a lot of paperwork, and the requirements vary depending on the country. First, find out about the documents necessary for the visa application of the country. What is required of you is dependent on your purpose of relocation. The requirement for a student visa is different from that of those intending to work.

Most countries have what you need on the country’s website. You can also visit sites such as, where you get information about global travels.  You may also need to visit the country’s embassies to submit supporting information such as your biometrics, etc.

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Plan Ahead for Health Care

Health care is a significant aspect of moving. The last thing you want is to need access to health care in a foreign land and not know how to get one. Find out if your health care provider in your home country will cover you while you stay abroad (information about this can be found here). If you are on medication, you want to be sure you can have access to your medicines in the country or if the country permits such medicines.

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Decide on What To Do with Your Belongings

You probably have three options when deciding what to do with your belongings. Shipping, or Storage, or Selling are the three primary options you have. Would you be shipping them, or you will store them in your home county, or probably sell them for a more permanent move? You would want to weigh the logistics and cost for each option. You should also think of employment or other sources of income to survive in your new place. That means you would need an office relocation or kontorflytting Oslo as well. If you want your office items to be moved, you should contact trusted moving experts right away.


In summary, relocating to a new country can be challenging both emotionally and physically. However, nothing beats a proper planning process. Be prepared and ready for anything. In the end, it can be a rewarding experience.