Canada Travel Budget

How much does it cost to travel to Canada?

How much money will you need for your trip to Canada? You should plan to spend around CA$181 ($132) per day on your vacation in Canada, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, CA$38 ($28) on meals for one day and CA$24 ($17) on local transportation. Also, the average hotel price in Canada for a couple is CA$197 ($144). So, a trip to Canada for two people for one week costs on average CA$2,537 ($1,852). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

  • Average Daily Cost Per person, per day
  • One Week Per person
  • 2 Weeks Per person
  • One Month Per person
  • One Week For a couple
  • 2 Weeks For a couple
  • One Month For a couple
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A vacation to Canada for one week usually costs around CA$1,268 for one person. So, a trip to Canada for two people costs around CA$2,537 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs CA$5,074 in Canada. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. If you travel slower over a longer period of time then your daily budget will also go down. Two people traveling together for one month in Canada can often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for one week.

How expensive is Canada?

How much does a trip to Canada cost? Is Canada expensive? The average Canada trip cost is broken down by category here. All of these Canada prices are calculated from the budgets of real travelers.

While meal prices in Canada can vary, the average cost of food in Canada is CA$38 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Canada should cost around CA$15 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner. The price of food in sit-down restaurants in Canada is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices.

The cost of a taxi ride in Canada is significantly more than public transportation. On average, past travelers have spent CA$24 per person, per day, on local transportation in Canada.

  • Accommodation1 Hotel or hostel for one person
  • Accommodation1 Typical double-occupancy room
  • Food2 Meals for one day
  • Water2 Bottled water for one day
  • Local Transportation1 Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
  • Entertainment1 Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
  • Tips and Handouts1 For guides or service providers
  • Intercity Transportation1 Travel between cities
  • Scams, Robberies, and Mishaps1
  • Alcohol2 Drinks for one day
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Flights to Canada

How much does it cost to go to Canada? Naturally, it depends on the dates. We recommend SkyScanner because they can find the best deals across all of the airlines.

How much money do I need for Canada?

Typical travel prices in Canada are listed below. These actual costs can give you an idea of the price of travel in Canada. Please keep in mind that the cost of travel in Canada can vary depending on your specific style of travel.

  • Hostel Accomodation
  • Behind the Falls
  • Voyage to the Falls Boat Tour
  • McDonalds
  • Hot Springs
  • Parking in Quebec City
  • Tim Hortons breakfast and coffee
  • Toll Bridge (round trip)
  • Grand Banker Lunch for 2
  • Bluenose II Restaurant
  • Train: 2 Day Passes
  • Bata Shoe Museum (2)
Typical tour prices for Canada

How much do tours to Canada cost? Multi-day tours can often be an effecient way to see the highlights of a country or region.

  • Contiki Tours for 18-35 year olds
    11 days
    $ 2250
  • Intrepid Small group tours for everyone
    15 days
    $ 2060
  • G Adventures Adventure and cultural tours
    14 days
    $ 1480
  • Trafalgar Award-winning tours
    8 days
    $ 1100
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Canada Quebec City, Canada
Canada is the second largest country in the world and offers a diversity of attractions. It covers a range of geographic areas including the stunning Rocky Mountains, the small fishing villages of Nova Scotia, and the beautiful lakes and prairies that spread throughout the country. Canada also has some of the world's most ethnically diverse and cosmopolitan cities including Vancouver and Toronto. The country also offers an abundance of winter sports including skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Despite the frigid weather, this is a country where people love to be outdoors. While it's generally best to visit in the summer months during the warmer weather, if you head to Canada in the winter you will definitely find no shortage of activities.

Because of its vast size, flying can be the most efficient way to travel around Canada. Alternatively, many people choose to use the train which is a beautiful and fun way to see the country. Driving offers you the most flexibility and accessibility as destinations are often spread out. It is possible to access many areas, particularly the larger cities, by bus as well.

In general, Canada is comparable in cost to the United States. Camping is a great option if you're visiting the national parks. This will definitely allow you to stretch your dollar farther. If you're renting a car, try to pick up and return it in the same location, as the price is typically less. Also consider stocking up on groceries and cooking your own meals. Restaurants can be somewhat expensive and cooking is a fun way to save money. Canada has similar fast food restaurants to the United States. They're not always good, but they are cheap if you find yourself running short of funds. Also consider traveling during the off season when hotels are more affordable and attractions are generally cheaper. Also, like the United States, you'll be able to stretch your money farther if you choose one region to explore. Don't set out to see all of Canada. Instead, pick a few parks and cities and make your trip a regional vacation. This will cut down on costs as well because you won't have to take as many flights. As a rule, national parks are also much cheaper than cities. By visiting the country for its naturally beauty, you'll keep entertainment costs to a minimum. Even if you don't camp, hotels are generally cheaper near parks than in cities, and it's much easier to prepare your own food. So if you're hoping to travel around Canada on a budget, consider skipping some of the cities and instead spend more time in the country's very impressive national parks.
At A Glance
  • Canada covers a vast area of land. It is virtually impossible to see it all in one trip, regardless of how much time you have. Definitely choose one or two regions that you can explore in depth. You'll have a more fulfilling experience and you'll save yourself a lot of money. Every region is different so do some research to determine what appeals to you the most.

  • If you're hoping to cover vast distances, then flying is the most convenient way to get around the country. It is also one of the most expensive. Other options include taking trains, buses, or renting your own vehicle. Bus connections are decent but not great. They typically connect the largest cities. Having your own vehicle will allow you more flexibility and you will be able to delve into the experience on a different level.

  • One fun way to experience the national parks throughout the country is to travel with a RV. This gives you the added flexibility of having your own vehicle, and you have your accommodation with you wherever you go. Many of the campgrounds have adequate hookups for RVs so this is a great way to experience all that the country has to offer.

  • Wildlife spotting is a popular activity throughout the country. Whether you're looking for bears, whales, or something else, it's best to make sure you're traveling during the appropriate season. Also make sure you have a good guide with you as that can make all of the difference.

  • You'll find most major western chain restaurants throughout the country. Fast food options are abundant and cheap, but generally the quality is quite low. Instead, look for local options. These are everywhere in the larger cities, and available on a smaller scale in the more rural locations.


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Top Tourist Attractions
Whale watching: Whether you're on the Atlantic or Pacific Coast, Canada offers some breathtaking whale watching opportunities. You can see humpback whales or beautiful Orcas on the Pacific Coast. Choose your season wisely as many whales migrate and you want to make sure they are in the area during your trip.

Banff: Beautifully positioned in the Canadian Rockies, Banff offers wonderful skiing in an area that is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Halifax: Centered in the quaint island of Nova Scotia, Halifax is a wonderful jumping off point to explore the character filled towns around the island.

Popular Foods
Canada is known for its regional specialties and international cuisine. In large cities like Vancouver and Toronto you will find many different international restaurants, and many of the dishes are influenced by European and Asian cooking styles. In smaller towns there are often a good number of chain restaurants available, as well as a few local restaurants that are often quite good and reasonably prices. If you're camping, then grilling is a good option as there are often grocery stores near most of the major parks. This is a great way to keep your food costs low as well.

Poutine: Poutine is a popular Canadian dish that is made of french fries, cheese curds and a brown gravy. It was originally a regional specialty created in Quebec, but is now found throughout the entire country. You'll find it in most diners and cafe style restaurants as well as major fast food chains like McDonald's, KFC, or Burger King.

Croquignoles: This is a delicious homemade version of a donut that is deep fried in shortening. You can find it throughout Canada at various restaurants. Although not exactly healthy, it is tasty.

Nanaimo Bars: A nanaimo bar is a dessert dish that is made from custard or vanilla filled squares. It is made with a crumb base and topped with chocolate. It's a cookie based bar that requires no baking and is ubiquitous in Canada.

1 Categories averaged on a per-item basis.
2 Categories averaged on a per-day basis.
For example, the Food2 daily average is for all meals for an entire day, while Entertainment1 is for each individual purchase.

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