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The Best Reasons to Visit Aruba

The beautiful island of Aruba is one excellent holiday destination. It is located in the Caribbean and is part of the Netherlands. It is quite small, but full of attractions, so let’s list them down.

Aruba is home to the best White Sand Beaches out there that are also considered to be the cleanest. It also has some sightseeing locations like the capitol, the Oranjestad, that offers the 18th-century Fort Zoutman and the Willem III Tower, among many others. The city is colorful and has Dutch-influenced architecture that will take your breath away. It is a good idea to think about renting a Jeep in Aruba, to get the most out of your stay there.

Another reason to visit the island is Friendly Arubians. You can be sure you will be welcomed and well taken care of during your stay. Locals also speak many languages, including English, Dutch, and Spanish, so communication shouldn’t be of any problems.

As for different activities you can enjoy in Aruba – diving seems to be the most attractive offer. Its sheltered southwestern coastline is a perfect place to explore the underwater world. You can expect to see fantastic corals and reefs as well as a large variety of tropical fish.

If you need to let loose during your holiday, Aruba’s nightlife will provide you with many opportunities to do so. You can take part in cocktail parties, tropical nights or beach barbecues. The island is also famous for its world-class casinos such as CasinoFair. There is something for everybody.

If you are still not sure, if you want and need to go on a holiday straight away, check out the quiz on the graphic below and find out.

Aruba Infographic
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