Free and Cheap Things to do in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala, probably the most visited place in all of Guatemala, is a small city that is packed with many amazing things. But with many amazing things, they usually come with a hefty price. For backpackers like myself, we want to know what is worth paying for and in general how to get the must value with our money. Here is a guide for Antigua Guatemala from a backpacker’s perspective.

Tips to Follow when you Travel to Cuba

Traveling to new places can be an exciting experience. You get an opportunity to experience new sights and cultures and make lasting memories. However, whether it’s your first time traveling away from home or you’re a seasoned traveler, there are some travel tips you should follow to help make your experience easier and more enjoyable. When you plan to take a trip to a new place like Cuba, here are some tips to help you prepare or your trip.

Stunning Costa Rica Waterfalls and Hikes

Costa Rica is famous for beaches, rainforests, and those adorable little smiling sloths. But have you thought about Costa Rica’s waterfalls? As a tropical country, Costa Rica sees a lot of rain–about 100 inches per year. In the mountainous regions (hint: where the rivers start) that can jump to 25 feet a year in some places! All that water makes for plenty of crystal clear rivers and some pretty impressive waterfalls.