The Best Hostels in Lyon (December 2023)

Hostels for backpackers, solo travelers, couples, families, students, and groups

In Summary In a hurry? Find the best hostel in Lyon for each of the categories listed below. Whether you're looking for a backpacker hostel, an affordable place to stay as a couple, a luxury boutique hostel, or the best hostel in Lyon's city center, here are the top hostels with the best reviews.

Find Lyon's best hostel:

- Best overall hostel: Away Hostel & Coffee Shop
- Best Local Boutique Hostel: Le Flaneur Guesthouse
- For Solo Travelers: Slo Living Hostel
- Best Cheap Hostel: Ho36 Hostel
- Hostel for Couples: Ho36 Hostel
- Hostel for Students: Le Flaneur Guesthouse
- Hostel for families: Alter Hostel or The Meininger Lyon
- Quiet and safe hostel: Alter Hostel

Le Flaneur Guesthouse

Meininger Lyon Hostel
Lyon, and more generally France, can get expensive. It's especially expensive in the busy summer months when everyone else is traveling. So, you need a place to stay, and it needs to be affordable. Let's be honest, it needs to be cheap! Of course, that's where hostels come in.

Lyon has some fantastic hostels. France's second largest city has a very walkable city center, and many of these hostels are close to all of the action. Whether you're looking for some of the fantastic cuisine or museums or the nightlife, all of these hostels listed below can serve your needs. The only question now: which hostel fits your personality the best? Which are the best for couples? Which are the best for partying? Which are the best for those of you that want a quiet and relaxing stay?

Keep in mind that quality often varies by the price, so make sure you check out the photos and reviews before choosing your hostel.

How much do hostels in Lyon cost?

We've gathered all of the data right here for you. The average cost for a dorm bed in a hostel in Lyon is $27. The price can range from $20 up to more than $30 for a bed. However, keep in mind that during the high season, prices can go up significantly.

Also, the average price of a private room in a hostel in Lyon is $55, with a range from $40 to $75. A private room could be a great option for those looking for a budget hotel but with the social atmosphere of a hostel.

Make sure you consider the personality and vibe of the hostel that you are booking. Many factors can affect both the price and your level of comfort. Noise might be an issue, because some hostels have a more party-like setting than others. Also, the location can often influence the price, as can the types of amenities provided by the hostel.

Let's get to it! What is Lyon's best hostel? It's not an easy decision to make, as each hostel has its pros and cons. But based on guest reviews combined with our own personal experiences and reader submissions, here is all of the information you need to find the best hostel in Lyon for your trip.

Overall Best Hostels in Lyon

After digging through all of the factors mentioned earlier, here are the best Lyon hostels. These top ranked hostels offer a great price, fantastic central location, and have reputations of being safe and reliable for guests.

Away Hostel & Coffee Shop

Dorm Bed $31.84
Private Room $34.82

Who should stay here: Backpackers, small groups of friends, and solo travellers
Location: A five to ten minute walk from Place des Terreaux
Amenities: A bar, lounge, and bicycle rental
Personality: A mellow and relaxed hostel
Heads Up: It's not always the quietest hostel, but it's not particularly loud either.

This hostel is comfortable and reliable! The staff are friendly and most are from Lyon so they can give you an insider's perspective on the city. There is a small kitchen and some common space where you can hang out with other guests. There's also a bar next door that's part of the hostel and a fun place to go in the evening.

The hostel is near the metro which can take you most places in the city. This is a reliable place to stay if you want affordability in Lyon.

The hostel has dorms that sleep four, six, or ten people. The rooms are basic with simple furnishings, but there's enough space to feel comfortable. The beds are "pod" style, so there are little barriers that provide privacy and block out a little bit of the light. If you want some privacy, there are a few double beds or you may reserve an entire four bed dormitory for your group. There are both en-suite and shared bathroom options available for the double rooms.

You can also check out our detailed review of the Away Hostel here

Le Flaneur Guesthouse

Dorm Bed $21.70

Who should stay here: Long term travellers, small groups of friends, and backpackers
Location: About fifteen minutes by train from Old Town Lyon
Amenities: A small bar, common areas, musical instruments, games, a kitchen, and computers
Personality: Eclectic and social co-operative hostel
Heads Up: It's in an edgey neighborhood and can sometimes be loud

Le Flaneur Guesthouse is organized by a co-operative, and each of the staff members cares about the hostel and its guests. They host regular events like concerts, workshops, and language exchanges that bring guests and locals together. The rooms here are clean and comfortable and the location is close to many restaurants and things to see around Lyon. If you're looking to experience an authentic side of Lyon and stay at a social backpacker hostel, then this is the place for you.

This hostel has eleven rooms in total. The dorms sleep four, six, ten, twelve, or sixteen people. They're relatively large with comfortable beds. There are also four private rooms available. The rooms sleep between one and four people and you pay by the person (with a base rate of about 45 euros).

Hostels for Solo Travellers in Lyon

Budget travelers and backpackers traveling alone flock to Lyon because of its relatively lower prices, rich history, amazing food, and authentic nightlife. If you're a solo traveler looking for a great place to stay and meet up with other travelers, then keep reading.

Slo Living Hostel

Dorm Bed $30.65
Private Room $33.03

Who should stay here: Solo travellers, young backpackers, and small groups
Location: Outside of the city center and about a 20 minute walk from Old Town
Amenities: A courtyard, lounge, small kitchen, and bike rental
Personality: A laid back hostel with a modern vibe
Heads Up: This hostel is a bit outside of the main attractions

SLO Living Hostel is modern and spacious. It has several great places for guests to hang out, including an outdoor courtyard area. The dorm rooms are large with security lockers, and the staff is all local, so they know the city well. The hostel is a bit removed from the city center, but it's close to public transportation and accessible to most places you'd want to see.

This hostel has dorms that sleep either four, six, or eight people. There are also 6 bed female only rooms. The rooms are very basic with bunk beds and limited furnishings. There are also basic security lockers where you can store your luggage. The rooms open out to a courtyard area that also serves as a gathering place for guests at night.

The hostel also offers twin, double, and family style private rooms. The twin room has bunk beds and a shared bathroom. There are two double rooms, one that uses the shared bathroom, one with en-suite. And the family rooms are basically dorms that you can pay for in their entirety.

Quiet & Safe Hostels in Lyon

Sometimes you want a relaxing and safe hostel to use as a base of exploration for your time in the city. Don't worry, Lyon has some good options.

Alter Hostel

Dorm Bed $31.69

Who should stay here: Budget travellers, backpackers, families, students, and groups
Location: A 15 or 20 minute walk from Old Town Lyon
Amenities: A large common area, organized activities, and bicycle rental
Personality: A relaxing hostel with an eco-friendly focus
Heads Up: There aren't any locks on the doors, but there are large security lockers for your belongings.

This hostel has a quiet and relaxing vibe, with a lot of focus on their environmental footprint. Some guests say it feels a bit more like a hotel than a hostel, but the dorm rooms are cheap and comfortable and the common space offers all kinds of activities. The hostel attracts travellers of all different ages, so don't be surprised to find families with kids mixing with backpackers and young couples. The laid back atmosphere means everyone feels included and welcome.

Alter Hostel has dorms that sleep six, eight, ten, or sixteen people. The prices are quite cheap and the rooms stay fairly quiet, even the larger dorms. The privacy curtains on the beds are a plus.

Another option: The Meininger Lyon is known for being very modern as well as safe and quiet. The location is fantastic, too.

Hostels for Groups in Lyon

Alter Hostel, described above, works well with groups of all sizes. The staff are helpful with coordinating the details and the hostel is big enough to accommodate groups.

The Meininger Lyon also has plenty of space and some larger rooms. The location is also very good.

Cheapest Hostels in Lyon

Looking to save some money? Here's the best hostel for that.

Ho36 Hostel

Dorm Bed $33.92
Private Room $30.79

Who should stay here: Backpackers and small groups of friends
Location: About a 15 minute walk from Place Bellecour
Amenities: A estaurant, bar, and laundry facilities
Personality: A basic but fun hostel
Heads Up: This hostel's a bit outside of the city center

Ho36 is a simple and affordable hostel in Lyon that attracts travelers of all ages. The rooms are basic but the beds are comfortable. There's a restaurant and bar on the ground floor that is popular with tourists and locals alike.

If you're looking for a cheap and simple place to crash for a night or two, then this hostel is a good option.

There are 68 dorm beds in this hostel and each room sleeps up to eight people on bunk beds. The beds themselves are surprisingly comfortable but the rooms are a little small. There are also about a dozen private rooms that are quaint with good furnishings. The beds are comfortable and most rooms have small windows to let in some natural light. There are twin and double private rooms as well as a six bed family style room

We've also written a detailed review of Ho36 Hostel here if you're looking for more information.

Hostels for Couples in Lyon

Ho36 Hostel has nice private rooms for a decent price, so it is one of the better options for couples traveling together who want the hostel environment.

If you're looking for a budget hotel as a couple, a good option is Hotel Victoria which offers comfortable rooms and friendly service in an amazing location.

The Meininger Lyon is another great option for couples.

Hostels for Students in Lyon

Many students choose to stay at Le Flaneur Guesthouse (described above) because of its connection to the community and its atmosphere.

Family Hostels in Lyon

A hostel can be a great option for a family, as it can be both affordable and social. But clearly families have other needs, too.

Alter Hostel is one of the better hostels for families. It has a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere and families can reserve an entire dorm room.

The Meininger Lyon, which is part of the Meininger chain of hostels, is known as a modern hostel with a quiet atmosphere. Catering to all types of travelers, including families, this is a terrific option.

For more information on accommodation in Lyon, check out Best Hostels in Lyon and Hostels in Lyon for Female Travelers.
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