Hong Kong Activities and Tours

Activities, Tours, and Day Trips in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the gems of Asia. Even though it's only a single city, the number of attractions can be overwhelming to visitors. The beautiful natural scenery of the island and harbour, combined with the famous skyline and urban core of the city create a lively and energetic metropolitan area. In this dynamic and ever changing city, which is now ruled by mainland China, visitors can see old markets, modern shopping malls, exotic food, art and theater, high-rise skyscrapers, parks, and more. And don't forget about the amazing food!

Hong Kong has beaches, theme parks, horse racing, hiking and biking, and plenty of other activities for the curious visitor. And don't forget to go shopping - not that you'll forget. Some have described Hong Kong as one giant shopping mall, as many of the buildings are interconntected underground with shopping areas, along with the city's public transportation system. Just make sure to poke your head up for some daylight every now and then.

In some sections of Hong Kong the food is one of the main lures for tourists. Whether it's traditional Dim Sum (so many dumplings!), Cantonese cuisine, or Southeast Asian food, Hong Kong is known around the world for both its casual dining and fine cuisine. Seafood is naturally a staple here, so make sure you try it out. Various food tours and cooking classes are available if you want to eat or make some of those tasty treats yourself.