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How much does it cost to travel to Saint-Louis?

Average Daily Travel Cost
(per person)
CFA 13,691.34
Accommodation1 CFA 6,000.00
Food2 CFA 3,548.53
Local Transportation1 CFA 300.00
Entertainment1 CFA 13,581.25
Water2 CFA 587.50

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St Louis Waterfront and Food

By backpackguru on Nov 8, 2011
Saint Louis was my absolute favorite place in Senegal. The food is delicious and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Try the yassa which is a chicken dish with a mustard sauce. It's a national specialty and quite wonderful. The city itself has a lot of character and colonial buildings. It's fun to walk around and people watch. There are children dressed for school, fishermen bringing in the days catch, and an endless supply of goats around town. Head over to the waterfront and you can watch the fishermen bring in the days catch. We hired a friendly local to take us through the market and explain the drying process for the fish. It was quite an experience. The guide was very humble, so we were generous in our tip with him St Louis is a great place to experience a city in Senegal without the overwhelming chaos of Dakar.


Average Daily Travel Cost
(per person)
CFA 19,958.79
Accommodation1 CFA 15,214.30
Food2 CFA 3,637.01
Local Transportation1 CFA 1,072.08
Water2 CFA 571.44

Travel Tips


By backpackguru on Nov 8, 2011
Tambacounda is a major transit hub for anybody traveling within Senegal as well as on to Mali. There are buses, sept-places, and minibuses passing through the chaotic bus station all the time. We happened to be there during a transportation strike, so we saw many sides to Tambacounda. If you spend a few days there, you'll find a couple descent restaurants and a good store to stock up on goods. It's also fun to walk through the town and interact with some of the kids.
  • 1 Categories averaged on a per-item basis.
  • 2 Categories averaged on a per-day basis. For example, the Food daily average is for all meals for an entire day.

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