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Serbia has opened more hotels in recent years, particularly in Belgrade, where you can find a range of options for every type of traveler. It is quite possible to show up in the country's capital and find a hotel with plenty of rooms available. Many of the hotels are in the city center, but they are also a good number concentrated around the train station. Do keep in mind that many of the hotels are only open during the summer months when the demand is highest. You may struggle to find a place during winter months when a lot of places shut down. This is particularly true outside of Belgrade, where options are even more limited.
Finding the Best Prices

Prices in Serbia are variable, but it is possible to find some very cheap rooms and hostels. You will have more options if you travel during the peak summer months. Unlike most countries in Europe, it is recommended that you travel to Serbia during the high season, simply because there are more hotels, with more competition, and therefore more affordable options to choose from. In this case you will usually get more bang for your buck during the high season.

It is generally possible to show up without reservations and find a good deal in Serbia. If you're concerned about finding a place, do go ahead and make a reservation. Prices do not vary dramatically whether you book in advance or show up without a plan.
Types of Accommodation

You can find most types of accommodation in Serbia, particularly in the country's capital, Belgrade. There are plenty of options whether you're on a tight budget, looking for a splurge, or simply want something comfortable at a reasonable price. In Belgrade, most of the hotels are clustered around the city center, which is conveniently accessible to most places you might hope to go. Alternatively, if you'll be traveling in and out of the city quickly, there are a handful of options centered around the city's main train station.

Accommodation types include hostels, apartments for rent, mid-range hotels, and luxury accommodation. Hostels are of variable quality so read a lot of reviews and understand what type of place you are booking. It is possible to find a bed in a dorm, but if you're traveling as a couple you will likely spend about the same amount on a private room, and you will have more options to choose from.

Belgrade has seen an increase in hotels and hostels in recent years. You'll find most of the new options in the city center. This is a convenient area to stay if you're planning to spend all of your time in Belgrade. It's easy to reach most of the city's top attractions from here and you'll also be very close to some great restaurants and interesting activities. Alternatively, you'll also find some cheap hotels near the city's main train station. If you're only going to be in town for a day or two, or if you're planning to make a lot of day trips outside of the city, then this is a good area to base yourself. The quality of rooms in this area is highly variable though so do make sure you've informed as to the type of place you're staying.

While many of Belgrade's hotels are only opened during the summer months, you'll find a small handful that stay open year around. The prices can actually be higher during the low season however, since there is limited competition to drive the cost down.

Apartments are another good option. Most come with a furnished kitchen which will allow you to prepare your own meals. They are often comparable in price to hotel rooms, but the amenities can be substantially better, particularly if you plan to be in town for a while. If you're in Belgrade for longer than a week, do look into negotiating the price as you might be able to convince them to drop it a little bit.
Novi Sad

Novi Sad does not have quite the selection that you will find in Belgrade, but there are still many different options available for every type of travelers. Budget hotels and apartments are spread throughout the city. If you stay in the downtown area you will be close to many different restaurants and bars. Many of the hotels also have attached restaurants, and some of the hostels have shared kitchen facilities available to guests. There are some pedestrian only zones around the city which offer a quiet location for a hotel. If you're hoping to drive right up to the front door then this is obviously not an ideal location, but if you're looking for a part of the city that is both quiet and vibrant, then choose a hotel along one of the many pedestrian only streets.

There is a small cluster of cheap hotels by the bus station as well. This is convenient if you're arriving late at night or leaving early in the morning. Check out the neighborhood in advance to make sure your hotel is located in a convenient and well connected part of town. As with any location that you're unfamiliar with, use common sense and ask for directions if you find yourself lost. Many hotels have business cards that show the address. Grab one before you head out so you know how to find your hotel should you get lost.