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The nations in North America are large and diverse. From Canada in the north through the U.S.A. to Mexico, various groups of people might share a common nation but all come from different parts of the world. Because of this, these countries celebrate their holidays and special events in a plethora of ways. And that's good news for you, the visitor, because so much can be seen and experienced in this region of the world.

In Canada, the Native Inuit and other northern tribes mixed with the European ancestry of the early French and English settlers to the area. As more and more Europeans arrived, they brought with them their holiday traditions for Christmas, New Year's, and other holidays that then mixed in with the local Native American cultures. The weather also has had an influence on the festivals and other cultural events, as different parts of Canada celebrate winter festivals in the snow and ice as well as during the warm seasons. Canada's vast open spaces and agricultural history is also the cause for many of Canada's events such as the huge Calgary Stampede, home to the largest rodeo in North America. You probably thought that would be down in Mexico, didn't you?

Speaking of Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the native people of the region were also quite diverse when the Spanish explorers arrived in the 1500's. Traditional Mayan and other native groups had their own cultural art, architecture, and festivals which have blended in with European (mostly Spanish) ways of life to create the Mexico we love today. Dia de los Muertos is perhaps one of the most famous Mexican holidays, but the nation also has unique ways of celebrating may other times of the year including New Year's, Christmas, and Independence Day.

In the United States, plenty of cultural diversity can be found from the busy cities of New England to the friendly South to the outdoor adventures of the West Coast. The Burning Man festival is one of the more trendy festivals in recent years. And plenty of New Year's Eve and Christmas activities are always available and very popular in major cities around the country. Don't forget about the large annual music festivals, too. Various cities such as Austin, New York, Nashville, Chicago, Charleston, Atlanta, Denver, and Portland all have annual festivals of some sort or another that draw in large crowds for music, food, partying, and cultural activities.

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