Uganda Accommodation

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Cheap Options in Uganda

Uganda hotel options are decent and relatively affordable. You can often find budget accommodation starting anywhere from five to fifteen dollars a night. In these budget facilities expect to share a bathroom and have limited amenities. High end accommodation are usually around one hundred dollars. While much nicer than the budget options, they are often a lower quality than you might expect in Kenya or Tanzania. Mid-range accommodation can be difficult to find, even in the more popular destinations.

There is a Sheraton Hotel in the capital city Kampala. It caters predominantly to business travelers and offers an escape from the outside environment. Rooms run upwards of two hundred dollars. The hotel does offer some restaurants and a high level of security.
Getting a Good Deal

Budget accommodation is pretty easy to find in Uganda. The quality can be highly variable, but you can expect to pay about five dollars for a room with a shared bathroom. If you have your own tent you may be able to pay a small price for a place to pitch the tent. Some places will even rent you a tent.

You will usually find the most variety in hotel options in the larger cities and popular travel destinations. These places are guaranteed to have something for travelers on a budget, and most places have more expensive options as well. If you're looking for a mid-range hotel that is of decent quality, this may become more of a challenge. They are often few and far between, even in the more popular travel destinations.
Accommodation Styles

As previously mentioned, most accommodation is either budget or high end. The high end accommodation is usually over $100 and is not of the quality you might expect in Kenya or Tanzania, but it is possible to find some nice hotels. Budget accommodation can be quite variable as well. You can expect to share a bathroom and have limited amenities. The Backpackers is a chain hotel found in the major cities. It is a hostel style facility and you can expect to pay a little less than $10. These facilities typically cater to the "truck tours" through Africa. It is best to book ahead in order to avoid the chance that a tour has filled up the facility as they often have limited space.

National parks offer some good budget accommodation that can be as cheap as $5. They can vary in what amenities they offer but generally the standard is quite high. It can be difficult to find moderate level accommodation in the national parks as well.

Kampala is the capital city in Uganda. It's located in the South Central part of the country not far from Lake Victoria. It's a relatively safe city, particularly when compared to Nairobi and a few other African capitals. The traffic is not completely overwhelming so it is possible to walk around town with a level of zen like calm.

Budget accommodation in the city is fairly common. You'll find a few places that are structured like a hostel. Some of the more well known hostel like facilities include Backpackers and Red Chili Hideaway. Backpackers is popular with budget travels. It's outside of the city center and it has a bar, a pool room, and a verandah. It's a great place to get to know other backpackers and relax for a few days. There's also free internet available to guests. Red Chili Hideaway offers camping, dorms, and private rooms. It is located in Bugolobi and is also a popular place for backpackers. It's a social setting with free internet and some great places to hang out.

Mid-range accommodation is the most challenging to find in Kampala. There are some three and four star facilities but they are often overpriced for what they offer. Don't be surprised if the hot water is scarce. Most places have air conditioning and an on site restaurant where you can enjoy a meal. Some places have swimming pools and most offer access to wireless internet, although you might have to pay for it. There are some apartments available for short term rent as well. They usually come with a furnished kitchen and a private bathroom as well as furniture of varying quality.

If you're looking for a nicer place to stay then you'll do best to follow the business travelers. Some of the more popular options around the city include the Golf Course Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, and Speke Resort. The Golf Course Hotel is a relatively new facility that is located near the Garden City Complex. It has a range of room options available including both standard doubles and apartments. There is also a nice pool and a golf course available to guests. Kampala Serena Hotel is located near the Sheraton. It's a five star hotel that has large and modern rooms available. There's a swimming pool, garden area, and health club available to guests. There are also a few on site restaurants and bars available. The Sheraton is perhaps the most popular option. It has recently been renovated as well. Speke Resort is located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It's about ten kilometers from the city center and makes for a nice retreat. It has the feel of a resort and there are plenty of animals nearby which give it the appearance of an exotic setting.

Whatever you purpose for visiting Uganda you're sure to have an adventure during your time there. Make sure you let yourself experience everything that is available to you and you will have a fulfilling and rewarding time there.