The Best Things to do in Boston's Downtown

Sites and Activities in Boston's Downtown Neighborhood

Dating back to the 1700s, Boston's historic Downtown is where you'll find a number of historic sites. There are also a number of corporate headquarters based here as well as condos and apartments. The area is full of energy and activity with several high class bars where you can enjoy a drink. Closer to Faneuil Hall is where you'll find the younger, slightly more rowdy crowd. Head to the pedestrian mall at the intersection of Summer and Washington Streets to browse high end fashion or pick up a classic Boston souvenir. This area is also where you'll find the Old South Meeting House, which was the starting point for the infamous Boston Tea Party of 1773.
Granary Burying Ground
Granary Burying Ground
The Granary Burying Ground is the third oldest cemetery in the city. It began in 1660 and has graves from the Revolutionary War including Paul Revere as well as the victims of the Boston Massacre.
1 Park Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
Old State House
Old State House
Dating back to 1713, the Old State House was the site of the Boston Massacre where British soldiers fired into protesting colonists. This building was the seat of British government at the time, and became a spot where local colonists debated the details about their government leading to the revolution. Now, the building is a museum (combined with the Old South Meeting House) showcasing exhibits from the history of the revolutionary era.
206 Washington St, Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts
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Boston Athenæum
Dating back to 1807, this is one of the oldest libraries in the county. It is a membership library and requires an annual subscription fee to join. The library was originally founded by the Anthology Club of Boston.
10 Beacon Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
Tremont Street Subway
Located between Boylston Street to Park Street and Government Center stations, this is the oldest subway tunnel in North America. It was opened in 1897 and today it is part of the Green Line.
120 Tremont Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
Old South Meeting Place
This historic church was built in 1729 and is famous for its role in the 1773 Boston Tea Party. At the time, it was the largest building in the city, and the gathering point of more than 5,000 people during the protest. This was the organizing point for the Boston Tea Party, on December 16th, 1773. It is also part of Boston's famous Freedom Trail.
294 Washington Street, Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts, 02110-1301
Kings Chapel Burying Ground
Kings Chapel Burying Ground is a historic cemetery that is part of the Freedom Trail. It's also the oldest cemetery in the city.
45 School Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
Boston African-American National Historic Site
The Boston African American National Historic Site offers information on 15 pre-Civil War structures that are significant within the African American community, including the oldest standing black church in the United States.
76 Mount Vernon Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
Boston Opera House
The Boston Opera House is now the home of the Boston Ballet. It also hosts a number of Broadway shows.
26 West Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02111
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Old West Church
The Old West Church was built in 1806 and played an important role in the American Revolution. It is believed that this is where the phrase "no taxation without representation" came to be.
131 Cambridge Street, Downtown Crossing, Boston, Massachusetts, 02114
Post Office Square
Located in the heart of Boston's Financial District, this public square makes for a nice spot to relax, enjoy a coffee or a picnic, and take in the sights of downtown Boston.
Congress & Milk, Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts
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