What to See in San Francisco's Nob Hill

Nob Hill Sights and Attractions

Hop on a cable car and make your way to the top of Nob Hill. This famous San Francisco neighborhood is filled with famous hotels, historic architecture, and breathtaking views of the city and bay. It's famous for its expensive homes and luxurious atmosphere that is embedded in San Francisco's history. Nob Hill is not far from Russian Hill and Chinatown, and its a must-see area to walk around, but be prepared to give your legs a workout. Below are a handful of the sights you can expect to see in the iconic Nob Hill neighborhood.
San Francisco Cable Car System
San Francisco Cable Car System
San Francisco's famous cable car system is an iconic symbol of the city. It dates back to 1873 and at one time there were 23 lines. Today there are just 3 lines and two major routes - two lines that run between Union Square and Fisherman's Wharf and a line that runs along California Street.
854 Washington Street, Chinatown, SF, California, 94107
Cable Car Museum
This free museum is all about the history of the cable car system in San Francisco, and is also home to the actual machinery that powers the cable cars themselves! Visitors can see historical exhibits about how the cable cars were once used much more frequently in the city, what they looked like, and how they work. It's also possible to go down under the street level to see the gear machinery, and gaze upon the large engines and wheels that move the cables.
1201 Mason Street, Nob Hill, SF, California, 94133
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Grace Cathedral
Grace Cathedral is an Episcopal cathedral on Nob Hill. The beautiful building is known for its mosaics, two labyrinths, and impressive stained glass windows.
1170 California Street, Nob Hill, SF, California, 94108
Aux Dog Theatre
3001 Monte Vista Boulevard Northeast, Nob Hill, ABQ, New Mexico, 87106
Lobo Theater
3013 Central Avenue Southeast, Nob Hill, ABQ, New Mexico, 87106
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