It’s considered nothing less than an accomplishment in New York City if you have found your special someone you could take with you on a date. Now that you are done with that step, the next challenge is to find a great place where you can have an incredible time together.

Your go-to restaurant or cafe can be great to grab a deal for one-dollar hot dogs, but it isn’t really the place where you can impress your date. You don’t want to risk by picking a place that’s sickeningly mushy either.

That’s where you want to balance finding a place that offers the perfect romantic ambiance, great food, and definitely a great overall experience.

One of the best ways to impress your partner on your first date is to plan out some amazing activities (see this list of things to do in NYC) and then a romantic dinner at a stunning restaurant to keep up with the lovey-dovey vibe. With delicious food and a great ambiance, you can make any date night super special. Whether you live here or want to move to NYC soon with your beloved, be prepared to pour the wine, indulge in a scrumptious first bite, and fall in love when you are at these five romantic restaurants in NYC.

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The River Cafe

Across a bridge, over a river, into a dream.

The name says it all! The River Cafe does not need an introduction as a world-class culinary destination. But it sure needs a mention as one of the best places to take your date to. Established in a unique setting under the Brooklyn Bridge, the place can be heavy on the pockets.

However, every dime is worth it when you have the alluring views of the New York Skyline and a classic American menu, offering only the freshest and the finest that’s available, which you can enjoy with the love of your life. Keep up with the dress code and put on your Sunday best and brace yourself for the outstanding experience that could woo most mortals.

The River Cafe in Brooklyn offers you the perfect site and ambiance you can dream of on a date night in New York City. As a cherry on top, the food choices will leave you speechless too. Don’t forget to order a round of the famous Chocolate Brooklyn Bridge dessert after your meal to make the sweet time with your partner even sweeter.

To add to what’s already on the list, the menu can send you and your special someone into a dining bliss with oysters, bone-marrow Duchess Potato, handmade gnocchi, and a never-ending list of scrumptious desserts.

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With the mesmerizing skyline at the prepossessing riverside – the view cannot become more ideal for a romantic dining experience.

La Lanterna di Vittorio

Yes, you can expect giant lanterns to light up the indoor space in this amazing restaurant.

The contemporary setting of La Lanterna di Vittorio gives out a unique and fresh vibe. Inspired by an indoor-garden theme, the ambiance gets even perfect with live jazz music in the background. Enjoy every bit of the serene experience this place has to offer as you indulge in some romantic conversation while delighting on a mouthwatering, authentic Italian cuisine!

The romantic appeal marks the cafe different from the hundreds of others strewn down the city. Find your second little Italy in the heart of the New York City and bloom your romance in a lantern-filled garden with a list of standout desserts.

Their exquisite menu wouldn’t disappoint you either. In fact, you can find a variety from both casual dining and fine dining options. Clink your glass as you cheer and celebrate your love in a place so refreshing.

Don’t worry if you are hitting the restaurant during winter. The cozy fireplace can take care of that while you share the delicious pasta and pizzas perfect for two!


Don’t let the name confuse you! This restaurant is at the Columbus Circle, right on the top floor of the Museum of Arts and Design. The restaurant opens to a beautiful view of Central Park while the indoor experience speaks of chic and modern design. Everything speaks of quality, including the food.

The restaurant is the perfect example of a classic modern American restaurant and features a unique theme that brings romance and elegance to space effortlessly. Sip your favorite cocktails from the list in the menu while you enjoy the sunset and the breathtaking view of the city with your loved one.

Since the restaurant is within the Museum of Arts and Design, you can expect a very artistic in the environment, too, finished with the bright hues of tangerine and fuchsia. Add the color of love to your date night at the colorful Robert – perfect for a romantic dining experience.

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One if by Land, Two if By Sea

One of the most romantic restaurants in the world, One if by Land, Two if By Sea is the ideal destinations for lovers celebrating love and happiness.

The old carriage-house, built in 1767, is turned into one of the most remarkable and talked-about romantic restaurants in the city. The exposed hardwood and brickwork finished with the modern touch of glass gives this place a unique vibe that romantic couples enjoy the most.

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The dark-wood staircase and large windows look mesmerizing with warm light brightening up space. While the seven-course menu is a delight pick from the prix-fixe plates like ginger-spiced lobster, classic beef wellington, and miso-marinated quail to serve your taste buds as you enjoy your whimsical night by sharing romantic desserts like the mouth-watering chocolate soufflé.

The environment perfectly combines tranquility, sophistication, and class. Speak of your feelings as you enjoy the seven-course tasting menu paired up with the world-class wine for a meal. Let the beauty and taste of the restaurant speak for itself!

Le Bernardin

Speak of culinary perfection, high class, scrumptious food, and the perfect destination to dine with your loved one – Le Bernardin will not disappoint you!

Operating under none other than Chef Eric Ripert, you can expect nothing but the freshest seafood prepared with expertise and emotions. What makes this place stand out is its long list of sumptuous seafood on the menu. The modern style not only reflects on the delectable cuisine but also the decor.

The perfect blend of Asian and French flavors, the menu can be overwhelming for anyone trying it out for the first time. The menu has three different sections – barely touched, raw, and slightly cooked. And if you really want to create a memory trying this amazing restaurant, don’t forget to try out the barely cooked scallop with brown butter dashi and the poached halibut with Manila clams and wild mushrooms.

After the complete refurbishing in 2011, the restaurant now features a delicate, romantic vibe through a modern, sleek space.

Speak of love as the food excites your taste buds!

New York City is famous for many things. It’s a city that’s loved by people around the world for its lifestyle, opportunities, conveniences, and food. So if you have time to take your date to a restaurant, you must pick the right spot and let the romance bloom with every bite!

Bon appétit!