Flying is one of the best inventions ever made, along with squeezable ketchup bottles and post-its: you get on a plane, and after some time you land in a place where you experience a different climate, food, weather, and people. This “some time” can vary between a few hours to many. However, one thing is sure, for quite some time, you have to sit quietly in a tight space that is flying above the clouds.

We have some tips and guidelines for you to make your next national or international flight a fly-by. The first five tips here are “before the flight” tips, and others are “during the flight” tips.

1. Don’t skip the research for your destination

Yes, the first thing we suggest is ‘don’t’ and not a ‘do’. If you are on a business trip and the company manages everything, you would still have some things to do on your own. Learning about the itinerary or some historical places to visit in the city is a start. Since you are here, we believe that you are already onto it, and therefore, we leave this point with just a reminder.   

2. Get to know the airlines

After you have decided where to go and how to go, you should choose with whom to go – a part that most first or second-time flyers skip. It is essential to know how the airlines you are travelling with is performing. The best way to check this out is to Google how many customers are happy with them and how many complain.

For example; if you are travelling with United Airlines, you can search United Airlines flight info’ or “United Airlines reviews” and get all the essential info. You can also consider Faremart for making your Air travel easy and smooth by checking and validating the information and booking the flights with different airlines you are planning to travel with.

3. Prepare your carry-on luggage

If you want to look good and feel good after landing, we recommend that you put the following travel-sized things in your carry-along bag. A brush and toothpaste – because brushing your teeth makes you feel awake and rested – deodorant, balm lip and lotion to make sure that your skin shines even if there is dryness in the air or jet lag affects you.

Also, do not forget to take a pen and the address of the location where you plan to stay. In this way, you will not have to disturb the flight attendants while filling out the immigration forms. Make sure you are not packing any restricted items in your carry-on bag.

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4. Exercise before the flight

It is ideal to feel relaxed and maybe a bit tired to be sitting on a plane for hours. Activity and exercise before the flight can help with this. We do not mean that you run a crazy race to the boarding gate, but to exercise, swim or go running or walking fast before the trip. If you do not have time, you can walk around the airport.

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5. Plan your entertainment

Time flies when you watch movies and television shows. Many airlines let you watch some selected videos online. So, you can arrange for your entertainment in advance or make up for your collection. Although the movies are perfect for distraction and enjoyment, there is a small possibility that the flight entertainment system will not work. Therefore, having an alternative plan, such as a book, pc games, movies or music is recommended. So, you do not spend your eight hours staring the passengers sitting in front of or beside you.

6. Wear comfortable clothing

Comfort is all desirable when you will be relaxing and flying for hours. Please wear comfortable clothes to enjoy your journey and make sure that they do not make you self-conscious too. You know sweatshirts, scarves and an extra pair of socks, so your feet are warm and happy. If you do not want to arrive at your destination wearing lowers, you only have to put a pair of clothes in your hand luggage and change after landing.

7. Think about leg room

The space under the seat in front of you becomes practically nonexistent when you have to put your luggage under it, and you do not want that as the space you have down there is already limited. It is better if you can put your entire luggage in the section above your head so you can stretch your legs and feet whenever you need it and without hitting your luggage.

8. Stand up and walk around

Sitting for hours is not only uncomfortable; it can also cause dangerous blood clots. It would help if you kept moving your body and not sit in the same posture for more than hour unless you are sleeping of course. Many airlines suggest it too in their onboard in their on-flight information system (through a TV or magazines). If you do not feel like walking or moving too much, you can always stand up and stretch after an hour or so.

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9. Hydrate and rehydrate

Drink water and a lot of it. While on a flight, your body dehydrates faster than when you were on land. There is no need to feel thirsty first and then rush to get the attention of the flight attendant. Instead, it is always better to keep a handy reusable bottle of water with you that you can use whenever you feel thirsty and also refill it on the airplane.

It is not a good idea to eat or drink things that make you feel thirsty such as caffeinated beverages and alcohol. You can carry some light snacks such as fruits, nuts, and crackers to satisfy that small hunger that you get between the meals.

10. Wear comfortable accessories and get some sleep

Enhance your comfort with earplugs, an eye mask, and headphones with noise cancellation. All this, in addition to your neck pillow, will help you relax and curl up as much as you can in an economy class seat and increase the likelihood that you will get some sleep unless when you are interested in sleeping or do not feel tired and want to watch or read something for entertainment.

11. Learn some phrases in the local language

Landing on a new place with a different language can both be an opportunity or a struggle. It is up to you what you make it. Learning a new language or some useful phrases will surely help you after you land. For this purpose, you can download some audio and video lessons on your files and play them while on the flight and learn how to greet the local populace including waiters, receptionists, and the taxi drivers.

You can also learn some phrases of the language and other important stuff if the person sitting next to you is a native of the country you are visiting. 50 Languages is a quick resource for you to download language learning videos.

12. Get to know your neighbors

Sometimes, you do not feel talking to anyone, or your social self-expression is not in the driver’s seat. It may not work to talk to the stranger sitting next to you, but it does not hurt to give it a try.

Many good friendships start over a flight, and your neighbour may turn out to be someone whom you like to keep in your contacts list.

These are the best tips and tricks to follow to have a hustle free air travel. Follow these and enjoy the trip. Good Luck!