How to book Greek Island Ferries

With about 6,000 islands total, the Greek Islands are very diverse. Each has its own unique coastal towns, wildlife, shopping, dining, and beaches – and the best way to visit is by ferry! Not sure where to begin? This guide has all the tips and tricks to starting your Greek island-hopping adventures via ferry.

5 Things You Should Do Before Taking A Road Trip

If you are not planning to travel across the world, then the best kind of trip that you can choose is a road trip. The road had its own special appeal, and it is something that will probably never go away. Sure, people do live fast today, and often simply have to get on and off a plane in order to reach a certain destination in time. But if you have all the time of the world on your hands, then you should really consider prepping your car and heading for an “on the road” experience.

5 Packing Rules for Frugal Frequent Flyers

In 2017, airline passengers paid around $4.2 billion dollars in baggage fees which amounts to about $1 million a day! If you’re a frugal frequent flyer, you know the importance of cutting costs where possible. One of the easiest and most effective ways to save money when traveling is to know how to pack. With the right tips you can avoid overweight luggage that results in excess fees and charges.

Free and Cheap Rental Cars?

When I first heard about this new service I was very skeptical. How could you actually get a free rental car? Or, even more suspicious, how could you get a rental car for only a few dollars? Free might be easy to explain due to some sort of promotion, but how could a business operate by only charging a few dollars?

Well, it’s true, but there’s a catch. Transfercar, a New Zealand-based company, is moving into the U.S. market. The idea is simple, you visit their website, book a one-way car rental for a specified date, and only pay a few dollars or nothing at all. And they are starting on the west coast with big expansion plans for the rest of the country.

Playing the Airfare Game

The other day, we finally purchased our plane tickets for our trip to China and Mongolia. We’ve been planning this trip for a while, but recent life events led us to actually settle on some specific dates for our trip. However, like any good traveler (and anyone who wants to save money), we’ve been monitoring the prices of tickets for quite some time in hopes to get the best bang for our buck. This ended up being a waste of time, because on many of the popular airline booking sites, the price they give you when you’re about to buy a ticket can be much different than the price you’re shown at the beginning of the process.

Let the following story be a warning to anyone trying to play this game.

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