There are very few places left on the planet that are as majestic and unspoiled as Alaska. This faraway destination may already be on your Travel Bucket List but the costs might be holding you back. It’s true that transportation to Alaska can be expensive depending on your departure city, but there are plenty of ways to save money when you get there.

Visiting Alaska can take a potentially large chunk out of your travel budget but there is no reason to let it break the bank entirely. By following some of these budget tips for your Alaskan trip, you can save yourself a bundle and still see plenty of the local attractions.

Choosing savings options like out of town accommodations like one of the charmingly rustic cabins at Baycrest Lodge and booking your excursions are just a few ways to budget your Alaskan getaway. Let’s take a look at a few more ways that you can save money on your trip to the edge of the world in Alaska.

usa juneau 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Trip To Alaska

Choose The Right Season

The tourism season is unusually short in Alaska due to the harshness of the seasonal weather. The peak season runs from the beginning of June through to the end of August. Booking your trip during the shoulder season months of May or September can save you some money as long as you are prepared for unpredictable weather. 

It’s important to book well in advance for your trip to Alaska. With such a short touring season and millions of visitors each year, the best accommodations are often booked months in advance. 

Avoid City Hotels

Many of the most popular destinations in Alaska are outside the cities and yet that is where most visitors choose to book their accommodations. Once you start planning your trip, it’s a good idea to find a central location and find a place to stay that is more accessible. Hotels in larger cities like Anchorage or Nome can be pricey.

Use Coupons

Once you start to plan your Alaskan vacation, you can find a variety of savings through local coupons. Businesses in and around the travel industry in Alaska are always pushing discounts and coupon books to attract travelers and help them save money. By investing in an Alaskan coupon book you can get a break on your accommodations, tours and admission costs all over the state.

alaska ketchikan 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Trip To Alaska

Rent A Car

It’s important to remember that nothing is close by in Alaska. You may have a list of things that you would like to see or do once you arrive but, it’s likely that some of those destinations will be hundreds of miles away from each other. 

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To save some money on transportation between your excursion spots you can rent a car. Save even more by renting a vehicle from a non-airport location where the prices are a bit lower.

Visit The National Parks

Much of what there is to see in Alaska can be found in the landscape itself. Alaska is the proud home of eight National Parks full of grandeur that you have never seen before, including Denali and Glacier Bay. 

There are a variety of tours, hiking trails and activities to be enjoyed in the National Parks spread throughout the state. National park entry fees are low and can be purchased ahead of time online for your convenience.

Visiting Alaska should be on everyone’s Travel Bucket List. There are only a handful of places where you can find such unrivaled wildness and raw beauty. Don’t let your budget stop you from experiencing the trip of a lifetime to Alaska.