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5 Great Ways to Relax in Dubai

Dubai is a city of bright lights, wide avenues and stunning desert scenes. It’s buzzing with energy and exuberance and every day is more exciting than the last. That’s great and everything, but when you travel to a place, it’s important to find opportunities in which you can relax, too, for this you can use CBD sleep.

Here are five of the best ways to relax in the international city of Dubai.

1. Visit a Spa

Dubai Spa

Dubai is awash with terrific spas — well over 100 — in both the many 5-star hotels and across the city itself. You can enjoy a massage in Dubai, or a facial, a nice steam…whatever helps you to unwind and relax. A typical spa day ranges from $200-250 up to the premium level of $1400 at places like the Versace VIP Spa Journey, which includes chauffeur service, luxury food and champagne.

2. Take a Swim

Sometimes it’s not a massage in Dubai that you need, but rather a way to escape the heat. It’s undoubtedly hot, and the best way to cool off is with a lovely day by the pool. One of the finest in the city is the InterContinental Dubai Festival City pool. This runs daily from 10am to 7pm. You can purchase a day pass, often with special deals to include a buffet lunch and even spa time.

3. Day at the Beach

Dubai Beach

Perhaps a pool isn’t really the scene you want, but rather a beach and the raw, fresh energy of the sea, then Jumeirah Public Beach is the perfect spot. There are actually around 27 open beaches in and around Dubai, but Jumeirah is frequently ranked in the number 1 spot. With its long, spacious pure sandy beach, and warm azure-blue waters of the Gulf lapping at the shore, it’s the perfect place to relax after a busy morning of sightseeing.

4. The Dubai Mall

Is shopping really relaxing? For a certain type of person, it absolutely is. You’ll find the world-famous Dubai mall on Al Mussallah Road in downtown Dubai, and it’s open from 10am until midnight every day of the week. Now, shopping may not be such stress relief for everyone, but for that certain type of energetic person who loves new things, it’s the best and let’s be honest with all the online shopping experiences available, even those who don’t like malls can have fun shopping, all they need to do is visit websites like

The mall offers 1,200 shops, as well as nice places to get food and drink. Saunter around the equivalent of 50 football fields of space to your heart’s content.

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5. Desert Massage

Dubai Desert skyline view

Our list comes full circle back to spa treatment, and in particular massage. For those looking for a truly unique massage in Dubai, then a Lomi Lomi massage at the Al Maha luxury resort could be just what the doctor ordered. Originating in Hawaii, Lomi Lomi massage uses warm oil and a mixture of techniques to achieve relaxation. Come for the unique relaxing massage, stay for the unique and unconventional setting.

Dubai: An Oasis in the Desert

Just as a desert oasis serves to relax and replenish weary travelers, Dubai too has much to offer those who would seek relaxation and recuperation. While the sands of the desert swirl and lift away, so too can your tension and stress. Leave it all to Dubai.

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