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Website Updates: City Comparisons, Data Updates, and More

We’ve been busy! While the last year has been slow for the travel industry, at Budget Your Trip, we have not just been sitting around. We’ve added a large amount of information to the website as well as a some new ways to help you plan your trips.

Comparing Cities for Travel Costs

For starters, we have created a number of pages that compare various cities from around the world. For example, you can compare New York and Paris, or Bangkok and Chiang Mai. (Soon you will be able to pick the specific cities that you wish to compare instantly, but for now, you can browse the comparisons by region or find them on Google.)

Comparing the average costs of cities can be an important way to figure out where you should travel next. It can also help us to figure out what type of travel prices you might expect in different regions of the world if you’re still deciding where to go. After all, if a place is half the price, then perhaps you can either stay twice as long or live in twice as much luxury while you’re there!

Updating Our Data

Also, we have done a huge audit for almost all of the travel costs on our website. As you probably know, all of these costs come from actual travelers. So, sometimes this can lead to inaccurate costs because travelers might enter their information wrong, or we might not have enough data for a particular location. Furthermore, the fluctuation of currency exchange rates over time can cause prices in some regions of the world to become much less or much more than they were several years ago (such as in Central American countries, for example). So, our recent audit, combined with the sourcing of new travel cost data from more travelers on the road, and also with data that reflects updated currency values, has led to our travel cost information to become much more realistic and accurate for travelers in 2021 and beyond. We plan to perform audits such as this on a regular basis in the future, too.

Travel Deals and Sales

You may or many not have seen our travel deals page. Travel companies that we partner with will often send us information about various sales, deals, and discounts. With the Pandemic slowly coming to an end in some parts of the world, many travel companies are offering large discounts and huge sale prices on tours, cruises, hotels, rental cars, and more.

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More is Coming Soon

We have some other features in the works as well, such as comparing the average costs of accommodation, tours, cruises, and other travel necessities. Hopefully all of this information can help you plan your next trip in a way that lets you figure out your own costs as well as find new (and more affordable) destinations around the world.

Happy Travels!

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