A recent study was conducted regarding travel safety, specifically as it concerns female travelers. The study was very comprehensive, and the results can be seen in the infographic below.

The study gathered information based on the 50 most visited destinations around the world. The study shows countries ranked for their level of danger, based on many criteria such as whether women are safe at walking at night, legal discrimination, etc.

The countries considered in the ranking are the 50 most visited countries around the world, so each continent is represented fairly well. Each country is given a “Danger Grade” for each of the eight considerations and then ranked overall.

The eight key criteria are:

  1. Non-partner sexual violence
  2. Intimate partner violence
  3. Legal discrimination
  4. Intentional homicide of women
  5. Violence against women attitudes
  6. Is it safe to walk alone at night?
  7. Global gender gap
  8. Gender equality

The ranking below shows that South Africa is, by far and away, the most dangerous place for a woman to travel alone. It’s also quite interesting to note that the top five most dangerous countries for female travel come from different continents.

For more information and detailed results, read about the female travel study here.

the worst and safest countries for solo female travel infographic The most dangerous and safest places in the world for solo female travelers
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