Cancellation Cover Just Became a Travel Essential

Cancellation cover has now become absolutely essential when you travel. Over the past few months, stories of people having their holiday plans ripped up at the last moment or else being stranded abroad when they can no longer get a flight home have become commonplace. If you don’t have the appropriate cover as part of your travel insurance policy, this is likely to result in a serious financial hit.

Where Can You Travel to This Summer?

The global pandemic has put a halt on our lives, and even if some countries are slowly emerging from their lockdowns, traveling for relaxation seems unlikely for 2020. Then again, these weeks of staying indoors have only made some people want to go out even more, but are there any options available? Firstly, of course, […]

Coronavirus: I’ve Got A Holiday Booked, What Are My Options? (For UK residents)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic many people are now discovering that their long-awaited holiday will not be going ahead. We are currently in uncharted territory with many countries under lockdown and rolling out nationwide travel bans. The next few months are incredibly uncertain as governments try to tackle this pandemic, but where does that leave those who have holidays booked?

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