The Best Places to Visit in the Netherlands

Although considered a smaller country, there are many places worth a visit to the Netherlands . In this article, we’ve laid out a number of the best overall places for you to visit. Hopefully, it’ll offer you some inspiration on where to travel within the Netherlands.

The Best Hostels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe. Despite this, you need to see it, because it’s an amazing city. But you’re on a budget, and you need a place to sleep. So how do we make this work? With hostels, of course!

An Interview with Michelle From the Travel Wench

Inspired by family trips as a child, Michelle has found a way to balance a full time job with frequent international and domestic trips. After following her passion for travel as a flight attendant, she eventually changed careers, but still manages to spend plenty of time on the road. By allocating much of her vacation time to trips, she’s able to see the world but not empty her bank account.

Bad Travel Clichés

Travel clichés abound everywhere, but some are worse than others. And I’m not talking about cliché places to visit, either. The Eiffel Tower, in all sincerity, is definitely worth a visit. Instead, here’s a list of travel clichés that, in my opinion, have come to the end of their journey.

Photo Friday: Amsterdam

This week’s Photo Friday is all about Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. It’s full of canals, red lights, history, and charm – and it has something for everyone.