How to Explore Naples with a City Walking Tour

How to Explore Naples with a City Walking Tour
The stunning city of Naples, Campania's capital, has much to offer visitors. Perhaps best known for its remarkable gastronomy, Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Found on the southwest coast of Italy, Naples combines architectural styles, with majestic 18th-century palazzos, castles, and beautiful churches. The city has a wide range of things to see and do, making it Rome’s rival in terms of the history and splendor of its attractions.

Visit the stunning “Piazza del Gesu” where you will discover the church of Gesu Nuovo and the obelisk of Immacolatella. Walk along Spaccanapoli street and admire the 14th-century church and monastery of Saint Chiara, the square of Saint Domenico, the famous Chapel San Severo where the majestic statue “Cristo Velato” of Giuseppe Sammartino is preserved. Follow the street “via dei Tribunali” to explore the 13th century church of Saint Lorenzo, the chapel Pio Monte di Misericordia with the masterwork of Caravaggio, “The Seven Works of Mercy”, and the 13th century cathedral of Saint Gennaro with its great baroque style chapel where the blood of the Saint is preserved. Stop for lunch at a local pizzeria. This guided tour provides all the necessary help and assistance for the entire duration of the tour as well as skip-the-line admission fees for the Cappella San Severo & Pio Monte della Misericordia. The activity level is moderate. You will walk about 3 km, so comfortable shoes and light clothes in the summer are recommended. Bear in mind that you can’t enter a church with bare shoulders, mini skirts or shorts.

Approximate Price: $343.61

Discover on this 90-minute tour the world 40 meters below the busy streets of Naples' historic center. Isolated in time and unexplored until recently, this underground space has a Greek-Roman aqueduct, WWII air raid shelters, the War Museum, and the Hypogeum Gardens for you to discover! You will also be able to visit the remains of the ancient Roman Theater of Neapolis and view the interior of a typical Neapolitan house. If you have selected one of the options including a pizza, you will be lead on a short walk to a delicious pizzeria at the end of the tour. This activity is not suitable for anyone with claustrophobia. The environment is spacious and well-lit, except for a small part (which is optional) where each person is given a candle to light their own way. The walking surface is smooth and straight. Multiple times are available throughout the day and a pick-up and transfer service are available on request.

Approximate Price: $15.86

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