The Best Vernazza Airbnbs & VRBOs: 8 Affordable Apartments & Places to Stay

The Best Vernazza Airbnbs & VRBOs: 8 Affordable Apartments & Places to Stay Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy
As one of the most scenic towns along the Liguraian coast in Italy, Vernazza sits in the heart of the Cinque Terre. Many visitors to Cinque Terre consider Vernazza to be the most attractive of the five towns, but honestly it's hard to judge as they are all stunningly gorgeous. With the steep vineyard-filled mountains plunging into the sea and the colorful buildings clinging to the shore, Vernazza, and Cinque Terre as a whole are on many travelers' wish lists.

And if you're planning to visit, you should absolutely stay in a private apartment or rent a room from a local. This is mainly because the number of hotels and hostels is limited in all of these towns due to the small size and residential nature of the towns.

So, let's find a place to stay in Vernazza! Here are the best vacation rentals in this beautiful town. Some of them are single rooms for solo travelers or couples on a budget, while others are multi-room apartments large enough for a family. And all of them are reasonably priced.

The Best of Vernazza's VRBOs, Apartments, & Places to Stay

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Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $165.45
This beautiful 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment is stunning, and has room for 4 people. With a fresco ceiling sitting room and windows that offer an ocean view, this historic building is truly one of a kind. If you want to experience a true Italian atmosphere, then this is your place.

The apartment also offers parking. It's on the second floor, with easy accessibility as well.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $182.57
This truly unique apartment is perfect for a small family of up to 4 people. It has two bedrooms and a nice living space, as well as a kitchen where you can prepare meals.

The apartment is located right on Vernazza's main square, which offers easy accessibility to the many restaurants and the unique atmosphere of the town.

You'll get a true Italian experience at this home, which has been decorated with antiques and is owned by a Vernazza local.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $276.13
This luxury apartment is a great place to base yourself during your time in Vernazza. You'll be close to all of the local shops and restaurants, but also on the 2nd row of buildings, which is a bit quieter.

The terrace offers a truly special space where you can sip wine and enjoy the sunset. The apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, which is perfect for couples. There's a jacuzzi tub, air conditioning, and a luxury setting that you can enjoy. There's also a kitchen where you can prepare food and a a king-sized bed that offers a comfortable night's sleep.

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Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $438.16
This charming three bedroom apartment in Vernazza has a terrace, a small kitchen for breakfasts, a living room, and a beautiful location. There are views of the water and a charming Italian atmosphere that will bring the town to life. Guests love the location and convenience of the apartment. There is also air conditioning available during the summer months.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $393.66
This charming studio apartment is perfect for a couple. It has a romantic balcony that looks out on the Cinque Terre coastline. It's also walking distance to everything that the charming town has to offer.

There's a kitchen and dining area where you can enjoy meals, as well as a comfortable bed and enough space for a couple to relax.

The apartment is in a quiet part of town that is great for anybody hoping to make the most of their time in Vernazza.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $722.27
This modern 3 bedroom apartment is perfect for families or small groups. The master bedroom offers a beautiful sea view and the other two bedrooms look out over the village. The apartment also has a beautiful balcony, a full kitchen, and enough space to relax. The apartment has a modern style with modern and comfortable furnishings.

It's located on a quiet pedestrian street that is easily accessible to everything that the town has to offer.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $251.03
This charming property is owned by a local Vernazza family and it offers a truly authentic Italian experience. It has a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy views of the area. There is a kitchen and a dining area as well as two bedrooms and enough space to sleep up to nine guests.

This apartment will quickly feel like you home away from home in the charming town of Vernazza.

Vernazza, Liguria Italy
From $342.31
This beautiful 3 bedroom home offers a perfect retreat in the town of Vernazza. It has a beautiful outdoor space where you can enjoy meals and soaking up the Cinque Terre atmosphere. There's a kitchen where you can cook and easy access to the town's hiking trails, ocean views, and restaurants.

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The Best Vernazza Airbnbs & VRBOs: 8 Affordable Apartments & Places to Stay | Budget Your Trip

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