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Best Hostels for Couples, Solo Travellers, & Groups in Bratislava

Location is Key

Slovakia has a wide range of hotels particularly in the major cities and tourist destinations such as Bratislava and Kosice or High Tatras and the spa towns. You are likely to find luxury accommodation in most of these places at western prices and high end quality. Once you are outside of the major towns and attractions you will find your accommodation options more limited, but you will find at least one hotel or facility in every medium sized town and most smaller towns.

You will also find that most of the budget hostels are located in the bigger cities, where they are usually in greater demand. Once you leave the larger cities you will likely pay more for a lower quality hotel or hostel. Even so, the quality usually remains quite high and you are likely to be comfortable in the hotel of your choosing.
Keeping it Simple

Hostels are usually quite common in the major tourist destinations in Slovakia. Prices are comparable to elsewhere in central Europe. If you are traveling during the off season and the hostel is not very crowded, you may be able to negotiate the price down slightly, however this is not the norm.

Outside of the major cities you may be able to rent a room in a resident's home for a fair price. If you're planning to do any hiking or visiting a national park, you might consider staying in a simple cabin. While the prices are usually quite reasonable, they do fill up quickly during the peak season so it is best to make reservations well in advance. Camping is another option but do some research ahead of time to ensure that you have selected an area where it is legal to pitch a tent. If in doubt, definitely inquire ahead of time. This is generally a popular option during the summer months.
Predictable Prices

Throughout Slovakia you will find the typical types of accommodation you find elsewhere in central Europe. Bed and Breakfasts, hostels, and luxury accommodations are all quite common. Prices vary based on the season, but are generally comparable to elsewhere in central Europe. Camping is a popular option during the summer months and can not only save you money, but let you experience the beautiful countryside on a more personal level. If you're not interested in camping, most national parks have cabins available for rent. As previously mentioned, they do fill up quite early so it is best to book well in advance.

Whatever your travel style, you are bound to find accommodation that meets your needs in Slovakia. It remains a popular tourist destination, and facilities continue to pop up everywhere to meet the demands of the traveler.

Bratislava has a large hotel and hostel selection. The choices are usually a good value and there is everything to choose from including the most basic hostels to the most luxurious five star resorts. Prices are comparable to most larger cities in Central Europe. You can occasionally find a great deal, but prices are usually set and there is little point in trying to negotiate the price down. There is a city tax that is tacked on to the price of any room, but if you are a student under the age of twenty six you are exempt from this tax. You can inquire at the reception area of your hotel. Most of the budget options come in the form of hostels. Many hostels have both dorms and private rooms available. Some hostels are louder than others so read some reviews and make sure that you are happy with your selection before you make a reservation. Also consider the size of the dorm before booking a bed. Dorm rooms with a large number of beds (greater than ten) are often quite loud. People come and go until late in the night and you're likely to have little more than broken sleep. It's worth spending a little more money to stay in a smaller sized dorm room.

Mid-range hotels are usually a great value. There are plenty of them to choose from. If you're looking for an international chain hotel these are usually on the more expensive, higher end of things. You'll find some popular chains including the Marriott and the Sheraton.

Poprad is a beautiful town that is located in Eastern Slovakia. It's a popular place to visit, and as such, it has plenty of sleeping options to choose from. You'll find everything from very cheap boarding houses to five star hotels. The boarding houses have the feel of a hostel in a dorm like setting. Some are very social, while others have more of an isolated feeling. This is usually the cheapest sleeping option in town. Some are located just a short walk from the bus station so they are convenient to reach on foot shortly after you arrive.

The mid-range hotel options are generally more pleasant and comfortable. If you're traveling as a couple or as a family, this is probably the best option for you. You'll have more space, more privacy, and a more comfortable setting where you can enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet.

Some places might close down during the winter months, which can be long and cold. If you're going to be in town during this season confirm in advance that you have a nice place to stay.