The Best Neighborhoods in Staten Island

Neighborhoods to Visit on Staten Island

Staten Island is the southernmost borough in New York City. It's connected to Lower Manhattan by ferry and it has a suburban, family-friendly atmosphere with a number of kid friendly activities like zoos, gardens, and parks. Staten Island is also famous for its many architectural landmarks, beaches, and shopping opportunities.

Below are some of the best neighborhoods to explore on Staten Island.
West New Brighton
This popular urban neighborhood has a wide variety of restaurants and plenty of entertainment options. This is where you'll find the Staten Island Zoo. The area is full of young professionals and families, so it's grown into a fun and enjoyable neighborhood to experience.
Staten Island
New Springville
New Springville is located at the heart of the island, but it offers a rural vibe with plenty of open space, wildlife refuges, a golf course, and parks. While it's still technically in the city, it feels like it's a world away from the busy energy of Manhattan.
Staten Island
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Todt Hill
Todt Hill is a high end, luxury neighborhood that sits at the top of the highest hill in New York City. It offers breathtaking views of the city and a private country club.
Staten Island
St. George
St. George is where the Staten Island ferry arrives and departs from, heading to Manhatten. This is a vibrant neighborhood with a lot going on. It's where you'll find the Yankees' baseball stadium and many impressive views of the Manhattan skyline. The area has great Italian food and a true urban vibe when compared to the rest of Staten Island.
Staten Island
New Dorp
New Dorp is a diverse neighborhood with a large population of Italian and Arab residents. The area has plenty of shopping, great restaurants, and an interesting culture that makes it fun to explore. Head to New Dorp Lane for the most dining and entertainment options. There's also a beach and lots of green space in the area.
Staten Island
Oakwood Beach
Oakwood is a waterfront community that feels a bit like a seaside town with its many quaint shops and charming neighborhoods. There's also a great beach that rarely gets crowded.
Staten Island
Great Kills
Great Kills is a predominantly residential neighborhood with a large park, a beach, and lovely families who live here.
Staten Island

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