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Fun Things To Do In Quebec City

Quebec City is the go-to place for families, couples, and singles. To get the most out of your trip, you will need to create an itinerary, and that’s part of the fun when planning your trip! Fortunately, Quebec City is home to some of the most spectacular landmarks and tourist destinations. So, finding something for every member of your group to enjoy will be a breeze with a little research. Below, you will discover a list of things to do in Quebec City that will leave everlasting memories for everyone involved.

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Montmorency Falls

If you thought that the Niagara Falls was a sight to see, you have not seen anything until you visit Montmorency Falls. It has been determined that Montmorency Falls is 83 meters higher and more magnificent than Niagara Falls. While both of these sites are spectacular, many Canadians believe the Montmorency offers the more exhilarating experience. Next to Old Quebec, Montmorency Falls is the second most visited landmark in Quebec City.

Be sure to bring your camera along, so you can capture your experience on camera. This will give you something to share with those back home.

IIe d’Oreleans

IIe d’Orleans, located just 3.1 miles east of Quebec City, is described as the North American birthplace of francophones. This island is a very popular tourist destination. In fact, it is highly frequented by both locals and visitors from other countries, such as the United States. A visit to Quebec City would not be complete without touring the IIe d’Orleans. So, be sure to include in your list of things to do while visiting the great country of Canada.

Old Quebec

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Old historic neighborhoods can be found all throughout Canada. However, none of them can compare to Old Quebec. The town is known for its historical charms, wonderful attractions, and nightlife. Old Quebec is ideal for couples and singles, thanks to its many attractions. However, it offers the perfect environment for couples with young children.

Planning a trip to Canada will require a lot of preparation. One task that must not be ignored is updating travel documents. With a Canada ETA, you will not be permitted access to this wonderful country. Obtaining an ETA is as simple as visiting Be sure to apply early, so you receive approval in plenty of time before your departure. If you already possess a Canada ETA, you will need to make sure it is still valid.

Helicopter Tour

Even though you just stepped off of an airplane, you may be interested in taking a helicopter tour. While the airplane and helicopter are similar, the riding experience is very different. There are several companies that offer helicopter tours over Quebec City. While some people believe that experiencing Quebec City by foot is the best option, there is nothing more exhilarating than seeing it from above.

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Helicopter tours are very affordable and available for adults of all ages. Climb aboard a helicopter with your partner and check out Quebec City’s beautiful landscapes and many landmarks. Be sure to book your accommodations early, especially during the peak season, because availability is limited.

frontenac 2257154 1920 Fun Things To Do In Quebec City


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