Free Things to do in Paris

Paris is expensive. But you knew that already, and that’s why you’re here. So how do we do this amazing city on a budget? Well, we needed to know. And we found out. And now we’re passing along the information.

Burgundy by Barge: The Right Way to Wine

You’ve decided to take a holiday in France, in the region of Burgundy to be exact. It is a land known for its rich history, quaint villages, castles, churches, lakes and forests, and rolling hillsides swathed in vineyards. Burgundy is probably most famous for its wines of the same name, though the countryside of east-central France has that and more to occupy many fulfilling adventures.

Eight Cities Known for their Food

Travel is about the experiences. You see the sights, you meet the people, you embrace the adventures. And you eat the food. Cuisine is a quintessential part of travel, and for some cities, it’s one of the highlights. Below we’ve reviewed some cities known for their unique, and of course, delicious cuisines.

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