Eight Cities Known for their Food

Travel is about the experiences. You see the sights, you meet the people, you embrace the adventures. And you eat the food. Cuisine is a quintessential part of travel, and for some cities, it’s one of the highlights. Below we’ve reviewed some cities known for their unique, and of course, delicious cuisines.

Paris is well known as a food capital of the world. The food is rich, unique, and fresh. The city is filled with street markets that you can peruse, or you can pop into a local restaurant for some fine dining. Enjoy the “businessman’s lunch”, which is usually a good buy.

Pasta in Italy is an experience you must have. In the heart of Tuscany, Florence has many streetside cafes with homemade pasta, fresh meats and vegetables, and distinct cheeses. Also, don’t miss your chance to sip on an Italian wine in an Italian city.

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Fez, with its interwoven medina, offers dishes that can only be found in Morocco. Lamb tagine, chicken couscous, and homemade Moroccan bread should all be sampled. The rich and fresh flavors of the tagines are a truly unique Moroccan experience. Sip some mint tea in the morning and chat with fellow travelers while you take in the atmosphere.

Shanghai is truly a food capital. The streets come to life at night with food stalls selling everything from frog legs to quail eggs. Cook barbeque at your table, and definitely don’t miss the infamous Shanghai soup dumplings. Shanghai’s soup dumplings are unlike any other dumpling in China. The “soup” explodes in your mouth with your first bite. Watch out because they’re hot!

San Francisco
San Francisco offers a unique diversity of food options. Head to Chinatown for authentic Asian food, go towards the water for some fresh caught Dungeness Crab, or pop in to a local eatery for a truly authentic local experience. Head outside of Union Square to make sure you escape the typical tourist stops and enjoy some of the great food San Francisco has to offer.

A sushi bar in Tokyo

Tokyo has the biggest fish market in the world, and is a must see if you’re in the area. After wandering through the stalls of tuna, salmon, and octopi, go to a nearby restaurant to taste the fresh caught seafood for yourself. In the evening try some of the unique options that are hard to find outside of Tokyo. Chicken hearts were a particular, surprising favorite.

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is a perfect mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malay food. Sample it all and see how the foods illustrate perfectly how these cultures blend in this unique country. Chinatown is the perfect place to try authentic Chinese food, while the Indian food in Little Indian is often served off banana leaves and eaten with your hands.

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In the heart of the South, Charleston brings back traditional American foods that may have been long forgotten. Delve into some She-Crab soup, Shrimp and Grits, or fill up on hush puppies. The low country and its cuisine set this region apart from most other American coastal towns.

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  1. I have to add Melbourne to this list. Here you can expect to sample food from almost any country. You can dine in Melbourne for two weeks and go to 14 different countries.

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