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Things to do in Portugal: Activities, Excursions, and Tours

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Portugal offers so much for the visitor, that at times it can seem overwhelming. With a huge coastline full of beaches and national parks, outdoor lovers will never want to leave. Combine this with the great weather, and it's no surprise that people visit Portugal from all over the world for most months of the year. And the inland areas are equally as stunning, with mountains, vineyards, and forests full of wildlife.

Furthermore, the cities of Portugal such as Lisbon, Porto, and others are full of historical sights and architecture such as old churches, markets, and museums. Portugal has a varied and exciting history that other countries could envy, and as a visitor, you can see it all.

Portuguese food is also a main attraction for travelers to this country. Eat with the locals at tapas bars which are similar to their Spanish counterparts, but with different flavors. Seafood is always in season here, naturally. Take some food tours through the cities or countryside to fully indulge yourself. And then take home some wine!

And the list goes on! Hiking and trekking opportunities abound with trips through the national parks as well as the southern route of the famous Camino de Santiago. Beach lovers will want to go surfing at the beaches of the Algarve and other regions. And don't miss the Azores Islands, either! History lovers will want to go sailing like the old Portuguese and Spanish explorers of the 1500's. You really can't go wrong, but will you be able to fit it all in to a single trip?
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