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China: Our Packing List

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Now that we’re about one week into our trip to China and Mongolia, we’ve ventured beyond Beijing, our first destination. For this two month trip, we’ve packed as lightly as possible. Instead of each of us taking our normal packs (around 80 liters in size) and also carrying additional smaller packs, we’re only carrying one medium sized pack (about 35 liters) and smaller backpacks. Also, one of the smaller bags is a camera/laptop bag.

We decided to pack light after our experiences with previous long-term trips. While living out of a suitcase (or backpack) gets old, so does carrying a heavy load. We learned what we can and can’t live without, and have adjusted accordingly. We’re also not going anywhere with drastic weather changes, and that makes it a lot easier to cut stuff out. (more…)

The Packing List: What To Pack?

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Going on a long term trip, for multiple months, or even a year? When we planned our first multi-month adventure, our friends and family kept asking us “how do you pack for a trip like that?” Our answer: “Well… uh… I have no idea!”

Now that we’ve done it a few times, we know how to answer that question. And we’re not the only ones. We’ve assembled some of the best packing list items and advice from people who have actually survived their trips.

We’re looking beyond the obvious, here. Everyone knows that you need shoes and underwear (everything else is optional). We wanted to list the things that you might not have thought of if you’ve never been “backpacking” or traveled on a minimal budget, or never visited a developing country. Below you will find a list of items that may have never occurred to you to throw in your bag. The items on this list come from experienced travelers who have been there and done that. (more…)

Our Ultimate Guide: How To Plan A Trip Around The World

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

In 2009, we spent eleven months traveling through Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We want you to learn from our experience, so we put together a trip planning guide: How To Plan A Trip Around The World. We cover everything from budgeting to packing, route planning to insurance, safety to vaccinations, and visas to round-the-world plane tickets. Combining our first hand experience with tips and resources from other travelers, we leave no stone unturned. And the best part is that we’re always adding more information to it as we gather more advice and stories from other travelers. (more…)

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