Galápagos Islands and Cruises – Travelling Abroad

If you’re looking for the best place to travel on holiday, the Galapagos Islands are definitely a good idea. This volcanic Archipelago located about 1000 km off the shores of Ecuador has 19 stunning islands for people to visit. Galapagos Island visits are definitely something that you should check out before you are too old to do so, because it is a beautiful site that should not be missed.

Tayrona National Park – A Great Weekend Escape from Cartagena

If I had to say there was one can’t miss spot for a weekend get away from Cartagena, it would have to be Tayrona National Park, located just north of Santa Marta. Colombia’s most well known national park, Tayrona offers beautiful scenery with the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range running into the Caribbean Sea and mostly unspoiled beaches.

Patagonia: the Ultimate Travel and Hiking Guide

Patagonia is a huge region of South America covering both Argentina and Chile. With so much to see and do, including hiking, trekking, boating, skiing and snowboarding, touring historical sites, and more, we had to send someone down there to find out everything about it. And now our ultimate guide to Patagonia is awaiting those who yearn for more adventure in this beautiful and inspiring area. Come check out our guide and start planning your trip today!

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