Vacation is all about relaxing and indulging. There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious meal on a foreign shore or at your favorite local getaway. That doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to eat well while you are on vacation. 

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Tourists can often spend a considerable portion of their spending money, just trying to find affordable meals. It’s not surprising that you find some of the steepest prices at the more popular tourist traps. 

There is no reason to eat substandard meals on vacation just to save some money. From taking advantage of the Continental Buffets at the hotels you can find at, to finding daily online deals around your vacation spot, you can eat well and save your money.

Let’s take a few ways to save money on your vacation food budget and still eat in style.

Hotel Buffets

Most hotels offer some level of Continental Breakfast to their guests. You can find all the basics from bagels to cold cereals that are included in your buffet. Your Continental Breakfast buffet is an excellent opportunity to fill up before you head out for your day. 

Try to avoid the sugary breakfast items that can give you a quick boost then burn you out later. Choose a few of the more hearty things to provide you with the energy that you need to enjoy your day. Grab a few snacks to add to your backpack just in case and an extra bottle of water.

B.Y.O Snacks

It’s hard work being on vacation, and you might find yourself wanting a quick snack between meals. Chocolate or protein bars can be expensive if you try to buy them on the road. It’s a better idea to buy a multi-pack of bars to keep in your hotel room. 

Throw a few in your day bag so that you have a snack to boost your energy without paying a fortune.

Food Trucks

In many destination cities, you can find a variety of food trucks to tempt your vacation palette.  You can ask your hotel where you are most likely to find local food trucks so they will be easy to find when you are ready for your next meal. These trucks offer a unique way for you to eat on the fly, try some local cuisine, and keep your money for souvenirs and tours.

Kids Eat Free

It seems like kids are always hungry, which can add up to a hefty food bill on your vacation. Take a few minutes to check out the family-friendly local restaurants and find out if there are locations where the kids eat for free. Even if you can’t find anywhere, most establishments will offer a reduced children’s menu with a few options from which they can choose.

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Skip The Drinks

You will find that most drink prices in restaurants are inflated. If you are visiting a popular tourist area, you can expect even higher prices. If you want to enjoy a drink among friends with your dinner, you should limit your orders. 

One glass is fine, but save any further drinking for your hotel. It’s possible to buy alcohol and store it in your room to enjoy after your meal.

Avoid Tourist Traps

There will undoubtedly be one or two well-known places that you will want to visit for a meal during your vacation. However, eating all your meals at tourist trap restaurants can get expensive. 

Try talking to the locals about where they like to eat and get some recommendations. Some of the smaller, more local eateries can turn out to be an enjoyable dining experience.

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In-Room Kitchen

You may not want to cook every meal for yourself when you are on vacation, but booking a room with a kitchen can help you save money on your food budget. Take a tour through the local markets and grab a few things to put together a few meals. 

Daily Deals 

Check with your hotel about any daily deals that they are aware of and get a local restaurant list. It only takes a few minutes to look up the local eateries online to see who offers the best specials on drinks, appetizers, and entrees. You may even be able to find some online coupons that can save you money.

Going on vacation can be expensive, but there is no reason to sink too much of your budget into your dining costs. Take advantage of these money-saving tips, plan, get out there, and enjoy your vacation every minute.