When traveling you need to crack the whip on your expenses. Finding solutions to save on cash on your trips around the world is made easy when you know the cost of the places you’re visiting. No matter where you go in the world there’s bound to be an inexpensive restaurant or street vendor that sells mouthwatering foods.

Saving cash is one perk but the real benefit is indulging in different cultural dishes and expanding your food experience. So are you planning a trip around the world? Perhaps you’ll find the following cheap eats on your adventures.

Find Fresh Sushi In Japan

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Japan is renowned for being one of the most expensive countries to travel to. But there are restaurants you can visit in Japan that won’t chew up all your travel allowance. For example, kaiten-sushi (meaning rotation sushi) are some of the best places you can dine at in Japan.

You can take your pick of any type of sushi for as little as 99¥ ($0.082). You could visit a restaurant every night at that price and still go home with money to spare.

Taste Traditional Stir Fried Rice in Indonesia

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Nasi goreng is a popular dish in Indonesia and is usually found in street delis called kaki lima. These delis are situated in areas where there’s lots of foot traffic. The meal is made with rice, shredded meat and veggies, topped with a fried egg. All of this is made in front of you and served hot.  

You’ll also find this dish in many Indonesian restaurants. The benefit of the dish is not only the delicious flavors but the price as well. Nasi goreng is extremely cheap, costing only 30,574 IDR ($2.13).

If you take a trip to Indonesia anytime soon be sure to try this dish out. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Grab Some South African Bunny Chow

Don’t worry, the food doesn’t actually contain bunny, but it’s definitely a delicious traditional dish originating from Durban, South Africa. The name bunny chow comes from the term “banya chow”. Banya was a name used to describe the Indian population in Durban.

Bunny chows are made with hollowed out loaves of bread filled with either mutton, beef or chicken curry stew. You can order mild or extremely spicy dishes which are both enjoyable. One order of bunny chow usually costs between R50 and R60 ($3.42 to $4.10).

This traditional Indian dish is sold at most Indian restaurants around South Africa.

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Savor Empanadas Around the World

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Any gastronomic adventure isn’t complete without taking a bite out of a certain town or city’s street cuisine. Not only are they cheap, but street food offers an exotic experience exclusive only to the culture it represents.Then again, there are street food you could find anywhere you go, and one such delight is the empanada.

Found mostly in French-speaking regions in North America and Africa, this crispy crepe-like pastry is like a croissant served with all sorts of sweet and savory. And for less than a dollar, you’ll be able to get your hands on this delicious street find.

Seek Out Authentic Tacos in Mexico

When we begin to crave Mexican food, the first thing we usually do is to pay the nearest Taco Bell a visit. But if you’re taking a journey across the border, you would have the opportunity to taste tacos right where they are made.

Sure enough, they’re very cheap, especially if you stroll along the streets of Mexico City where this national comfort food is widespread. At less than $2, you could get an authentic local taco complete with homemade salsa, onions, and guacamole.

Enjoy A Traditional Pretzel in Germany

Germany no doubt has one of the best cuisines in Western Europe. But looking beyond the beer halls and sausage factories which have enchanted many an avid foodie, there are places where you could get a good taste of what it means to be German. Sure enough, street stalls offer the cheapest of gastronomic treats, chief of which is the pretzel.

Ranging between $1 to $4, this baked goodie makes for a perfect pairing with a cup of black coffee. Whether you want it smothered in blueberry jam or melted butter, a pretzel is a great way to cap your last day in Berlin. That is, unless you’re planning to stay for another three days just to eat at as many pretzel establishments as you can so you can find out which one’s the best!

Go English with Fish and Chips

The first time you visit England may not be the last. With a strong culinary foundation, the country offers a melange of food options that range from the obscure to the most familiar. Of course, we’re not focusing on a good old fashioned trip to famous pubs or the traditional full English breakfast just to get a good grasp of the culture. If you really want to know what it’s like to be English, then go with fish and chips.

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This iconic street food captures the essence of living in a country that’s famous not just for afternoon tea times. Fish and chips is, in fact, the English working man’s relish, bought at less than a dollar. It’s perfect not just as a snack you can enjoy along the shore, but as a social and cultural relic all its own.

Score a Slice For Less in New York City

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Being a melting pot of cultures that also draws in millions of tourists every year, it’s no wonder that the Big Apple has become one of the most important cities in the world. And apart from being a wellspring of art and culture, New York City is just as famous for the many culinary offerings it has in store.

You have to admit that with the high standards of living, New York isn’t exactly the best place to eat on a budget, especially in the many famous restaurants found in the city. You might as well find promo codes for Uber Eats or look for coupons online to pay less for food.

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest eats in the city, you might as well taste New York-style pizza. And the best place to grab a slice? Of course, 99 Cent Express Pizza or the Brooklyn-based Table 87. Sure enough, in NYC you can often find a cheap pizzeria on every corner.

Final Thoughts

When going on a vacation to a far off place, you don’t have to spend a fortune just to savor the local cuisine and get your fill of what the rest of the world has to offer.

Now you have all the information at the tips of your fingers so you can easily save on food, so you can save some money for all the other good stuff that comes with traveling adventures.