Yes, it’s true – visiting a foreign country can be cheaper than living at home. Depending on your travel style and your destination, traveling abroad can be significantly cheaper than the sum of all of the costs associated with living in the U.S.

Our infographic below shows how the costs stack up. We compare the cost of living in five U.S. cities to the average costs of travel in five different countries around the world. The results can be quite surprising and inspirational.

Traveling Abroad is Cheaper than Staying Home Infographic

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Many travelers take off every year, leaving their jobs, homes, and belongings behind to experience the joy of long term travel. Hopefully some of these statistics in our infographic will encourage you to do the same. If you can give up your job for a little while (or if you’re unemployed), and can minimize your expenses at home, travel can become a financial reality.

In our infographic, we compare the cost of living in Dallas, TX, to the average travel expenses in Thailand. As one of the most popular destinations in the world, Thailand is known not just as an affordable destination, but also as a land of stunning beauty, friendly people, and amazing food.

And have you ever considered visiting India? This huge, multicultural, and beautiful nation has so much to offer visitors. From the famous Taj Mahal to the Ganges River to the beaches of Goa to the backwaters of Kerala, India offers something for everyone. It’s also one of the cheapest destinations in the world, as many backpackers get by on only $15 per day!

We also take a look at the typical travel prices in Italy, New Zealand, and Brazil – three of the most highly regarded countries by travelers around the world.

Feel free to share our infographic on your website or blog, and help spread the word that travel can be less expensive than you might think!