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The Best (Cheap) Hotels in Malta

Malta has been a popular tourist destination for years and for a good reason.

Because the island is in Europe, it has a large population of Greeks and Roman Catholics. Most of the people who live on the island are proud of their heritage, resulting in spectacular scenery and cityscapes.

Travelers coming to visit this beautiful island will have many different activities to do. The people are amicable and hospitable, and they are open to help you. 

There are many different accommodation options in Malta, on both of the main islands, ranging from small budget hotels to luxurious villas and mansions. Some of the beaches are great places for diving and snorkeling. 

For those who like water sports and are more adventurous, they can go to the island’s famous Blue Lagoon, where they can enjoy the view of the sea from the shore as well as enjoy the gentle currents flowing across the lagoon.

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Malta’s Blue Lagoon

The islands are also fantastic for water sports. You can go sailing or jet skiing, or even windsurfing. While Valletta is the capital and largest city on the main island, don’t forget to visit the other island, Gozo, during your trip. You’ll find plenty of things to do on Gozo to make the trip worth the effort.

There is no shortage of activities for tourists to do, and they are sure to enjoy themselves while they are here. If you plan a vacation in Malta, you will want to check out some of the best offers available for accommodation. You will find cheap hotels in Malta on both the west coast and the east coast. The west coast is very popular with the people who travel to Europe every year. The beaches on the west coast are great for snorkeling or swimming, and if you have children, they can enjoy swimming in the sea too.

We have compiled a list of the best affordable hotels in Malta. If you find a hotel that interests you, you can check out this blog to get more information.

The Best (Cheap) Hotels in Malta

The Maltese Sun

Very close to Balluta Bay Beach and only 2.3 km from the central shopping mall, The Maltese Sun has rooms with air conditioning and en suites. It is a great little hotel catering to those who want a bit of a beach and a bit of a city!

23 Boutique Hotel

Only 2.8 km from Balluta Bay Beach, this hotel is situated in Il-Furjana and provides complimentary WiFi and a shuttle service.

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It is actually a fully restored 18th-century villa and very close to the primary Waterfront and only a 10-minute walk to the capital city; Valletta. This makes it a fantastic place to appreciate both the cultural aspects of Malta and the natural scenes.

They have fashioned this boutique hotel to provide a relaxed and restful manner, and all of their rooms surround the beautiful courtyard. 

Traditional Maltese balconies, limestone walls, and stone arches blend the 300-year-old villa into a hotel fit for modern travelers.

Inside, every room includes air conditioning, WiFi, and an en suite bathroom.

Malta International Airport is only 7 km from the hotel, and the shuttle service makes it very simple and easy to arrive stress-free.

Cozy Rooms Hotel

With a fully decked out bar and stunning garden views, the Coy Rooms Hotel is fantastic for couples or even families.

It is located in Sliema, where there is plenty to do, including shopping, drinking, swimming and enjoying the scenery. The small port is so picturesque that it is often described as being like a romantic movie setting. If you plan to go to Sliema, you must visit at least one of its main towns: St Nicholas, Oia, or Paphos.

The facilities include:

  • Hotel-wide Wi-Fi
  • Family room availability
  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Minibar
  • Shuttle service

For a small extra fee, you can indulge in a continental buffet breakfast accessible each morning.

Solana Hotel and spa (Low-range)

The Solana boasts 4 stars and is a modern and comfortable hotel.

Solana is a 4-star contemporary hotel that combines luxury and comfort to create the ideal package deal. The hotel is situated 12 minutes away from the sandy beach of Mellieha bay and features an indoor pool with a hydromassage corner for those looking to relax indoors. The hotel promises better value than ever with its free WiFi and professional spa treatment.

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Popeye Village in Malta

How to enjoy Malta on a budget

Malta caters for both the high budget end of travel as well as the medium and lower end. If you are traveling on a budget, there are actually many different activities you can participate in without breaking the bank.

Use the beach

Most public beaches are usually free, and all you need is your swimsuit, a towel and sun cream! Make sure to ask your hotel first if they allow you to use their own towels as many do not. It is wise to pack your own beach towel in this case.

Soak in the history

Being inhabited since 5900 BC and situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea surrounded by many cultures, Malta is absolutely full of historical locations to visit, most of them free of charge outside of transportation.

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If you are more inclined towards adventure than beach life, hiking is a fantastic way to see the entire island as getting up close and personal with its nature. Being an archipelago, you have several different islands to choose from. With regular ferries joining all of the main islands, you should find it easy to hop around.

Stick to street food

There is no shortage of fantastic food on offer with incredibly varied cuisine, from upscale restaurants down to street vendors selling home-cooked fare. If you are on a budget, sticking to street food is the wisest option, and as is the way with street food around the world, it is also often the tastiest. After all, the food in Malta’s restaurants can often be expensive. It’s very good and worth the price, but if you’re looking to save money, street food or grocery stores are your best bet.

Plan in advance

If you are looking to save some money when traveling to Malta, it is best to plan your trip as far in advance as you sensibly can. By planning ahead, you will find amazing deals on everything from transportation to accommodation.

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