Galápagos Islands and Cruises – Travelling Abroad

If you’re looking for the best place to travel on holiday, the Galapagos Islands are definitely a good idea. This volcanic Archipelago located about 1000 km off the shores of Ecuador has 19 stunning islands for people to visit. Galapagos Island visits are definitely something that you should check out before you are too old to do so, because it is a beautiful site that should not be missed.

Christmas Tours of Italy

Italy makes a spectacular destination any time of the year, but for an even more magical experience, come during the Christmas season to join festivities celebrating the holiday season which date back for centuries. Lights are in the trees and there are decorations everywhere, just waiting for you in the most beautiful cities of Italy. During your Christmas Holidays in Italy you will make memories for a lifetime and you will bring back home the best traditional Christmas presents.

Christmas Tours in England and Scotland

From the glistening, frosted landscapes to bustling Christmas markets on cobbled squares and carols carrying on the breeze, the UK is the ideal place to celebrate this very special time of year. Every destination is dressed with its finest decorations. During your Christmas Holidays in the UK you will make memories for a lifetime and you will bring back home the best traditional Christmas presents. Travelers looking for a different Christmas experience are in for a delicious and visually enchanting treat when visiting the UK from late November until Christmas each year. With so much charm, fantasy, and tradition, a trip to the UK during the Christmas season is bound to inspire awe in any traveler, and luckily there are several tour options available to allow you to make the most of these Christmas-wonder-lands.

Christmas Tours in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Come explore Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, home to imperial palaces and fairy-tale castles, Bavarian villages and Baroque cities, the mysterious Black Forest and the snow-capped Alps. This is storybook Europe, where half-timbered inns painted with festive flowers lean over quiet country roads, and the Gothic spires of castles rise from craggy bluffs above the Rhine River.

Choosing a South African Safari

As summer approaches, discussions of potential family vacation destinations arise. Without a doubt, an African safari is on your wish list. Elephants, leopard, rhino; seeing them in the wild against a backdrop of bushveld as the sun sinks is incomparable. A safari is also the perfect multigenerational holiday; we’re never too young or too old to enjoy watching wildlife in its habitat. A safari is exciting, fun, bonding, and a fascinating natural history lesson every day. It will become the best trip your family has ever taken.

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