10 Day Itinerary: Visiting the Best of South Africa

If you want to escape to an exotic, culturally diverse destination, you cannot go wrong with South Africa. Located in the southernmost point of the African continent, this country is renowned for its diverse ecosystems which include golden sandy beaches, forests, rich Winelands, and one of the best safari destinations in the world. As the country has a great airways network, you can fly between your chosen destinations and see the best that the country has to offer in just 10 days. A trip to South Africa will charge your batteries for the rest of the year and if you plan your itinerary right, you will have so many diverse experiences that you will feel like you have visited several countries.

How to plan an African Safari Tour for Budget Travelers

There is a barrier to this great African adventure and that is the cost. African Safari tours can be expensive, but there is always something one can do to achieve their goals if they are determined. So, if you want to do an African safari on a budget and save as much money as you can, here are a few tips on finding economical safaris in Africa.

Tayrona National Park – A Great Weekend Escape from Cartagena

If I had to say there was one can’t miss spot for a weekend get away from Cartagena, it would have to be Tayrona National Park, located just north of Santa Marta. Colombia’s most well known national park, Tayrona offers beautiful scenery with the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range running into the Caribbean Sea and mostly unspoiled beaches.

The Best Fishing Spots Around the World

While most of us do our fishing somewhere close to home, we also dream about how it would be if we were to travel around the world while doing this. Even if we’ll only really fish in some of these places in our dreams, let’s put our chest waders on and see what places around the world are truly outstanding for any fishers.

The Top 5 Countries for Safaris in Africa

Where is the best place to go on safari in Africa? Much depends on whether you want to see the Big Five, or East Africa’s Great Wildebeest Migration, or if you’re interested in smaller creatures such as birds. These five countries offer some of the most spectacular and diverse safari experiences on the continent.

Top Safari Tips for your Travels in Africa

A Safari in Africa is a dream come true for many travellers. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience the beautiful environment of the African plains while viewing amazing animals in their natural habitat? Add on some interesting cultural and culinary experiences, and you have the recipe for an amazing trip. These tips will help you plan your perfect safari adventure.

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