malaysia 1864676 1920 Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say

Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say

Malaysia is one of those travel destinations that ranks high on the top preferences of the vast majority of travel enthusiasts. And luckily, for visiting this amazing destination, you don’t particularly need plenty of money. You just need some imagination to stretch the budget that you have. Some of the tips below will truly turn your incursion into a budget-friendly one, if you don’t mind some slight minor inconveniences.

kuala lumpur 1820944 1920 Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Go windy

gaddafi rusli 399025 unsplash Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say
The Malaysian Coast

If you don’t mind spoiling your hair and a bit of wetness, then visiting right before or after the monsoon season might be the best time when attempting to travel to Malaysia on a budget. Between November and March, the Northeast monsoon hits the peninsula. And while many avoid that season, you should definitely schedule your trip around that time for lower prices for flights and accommodation. If you avoid the east coast, which will be hit by the Monsoon, you can travel all the other amazing places that Malaysia has for you without the slightest trace of discomfort. Also, avoiding some major celebrations will help you make the most of your money, if this is what you are looking for.

Select your transportation carefully

Decide which type of travel method you wish to take to help you make the most of your money. You have the opportunity to pick and choose between trains, buses or airplanes. While you can reach Malaysia from anywhere, regardless of your home country, travelling interstate in Malaysia has approximately similar rates regardless of the transportation method that you choose. Even if you’re on a strict budget you can travel by plane at incredibly affordable prices. A one-way bus ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Penang will cost you no more than $15, and an airplane ticket will be no more than $20. So, go with whatever transportation means that you like. If you choose your Malaysia Evisa Mumbai targeted operator well, you will also get a great value for your money, and save a few bucks.

Pay attention, however, to inner state transportation

While plane and bus tickets for inter-state locations are incredibly affordable, you may want to be increasingly careful when travelling within the same state. Taxies are incredibly overpriced, but you can easily pick buses that have a good value for the money. Uber or Grab cars also make great choices if you want to make the most out of your budget. When it comes to buses, go for My Rapid. These are the most affordable and popular, and they will take you to all of the main destinations in-state.

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Langkawi Sky Pedestrian Bridge
The Langkawi Sky Pedestrian Bridge

Choose your accommodation carefully

You can call yourself fortunate because in Malaysia, Airbnb is legal, unlike a variety of other Asian or European countries. The Airbnb apartments upon which you will stumble and comfortable, spacious and beautifully furnished, and incredibly enough, they cost less than a 2-star hotel room. Hotels and hostels are also a great option if you search for affordable accommodation, given the fact that you can book a room for the night for approximately $20, with breakfast included, in most of the cases.

Search for free entertainment

You don’t have to get involved in expensive activities while in Malaysia. You can simply search for some free entertainment opportunities and you will have plenty of money for other activities. Malaysia is filled with amazing temples, markets, and hiking opportunities, and you guessed it, they are free of any costs.

malaysia 1864676 1920 Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say
The BOH Tea Plantation

You may want to skip the alcohol

hawker 2764556 1280 Travelling Malaysia on a Budget: What the Experts Say
Malaysian food at a Hawker stall

Drinking in Malaysia is just as expensive as it is in the US or UK, so if you’re travelling from there, this won’t be an issue for you. However, a pint of beer will cost you $3, while if you opt for those fancy caffeinated drinks that you drink at home on a regular basis, you will have to pay out of your pocket as much as $10. So, you could easily skip the drinking part in your incursion and maybe have a sip of those local beverages instead. Food courts have affordable prices for caffeinated beverages and so do coffee shops – which aren’t the same as a café.

Eat like locals do

A great tip when travelling is to adopt some of the habits of the locals. Well, in Malaysia everybody eats at food courts. The courses are incredibly filling and flavourful and you will save plenty of money by eating in these establishments. Avoid fancy restaurants if you travel on a budget.

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