boston 5000729 1280 15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

All of Boston’s ‘secret’ parks and natural spots are certainly not a secret, nor are they necessarily hidden. It’s just that in a city with countless famous attractions, they are overlooked. The first question that comes to mind: should you take time from your Boston trip to visit these parks, gardens, and nature spots? If you are a nature lover and also visiting Boston for the first time, you don’t want to miss the natural beauty. You should not ignore the scenic and attractive beauty of Boston’s gardens and natural spots! If you have visited the city before, and don’t want to visit the same place repeatedly, or wish to explore the unusual and off the tourist track places, then, you would love these almost-secretive gardens, parks, and nature spots.

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josephine baran cjrULwnJKhI unsplash 15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

The hidden gardens, parks, and natural spots in Boston

Ramler Park – With lush flowers prospering almost in every season year-round, a streaming fountain, and an arbor with classical columns and numerous comfortable benches make the Dorothy & David Ramler Park a very nice spot to visit. This beautiful park is a few blocks away from Fenway Park. You can sit on a chair, breathe deeply, and relax to the gentle humming of bees, the fragrances of flowers, and the sight of butterflies flicking by. If you have a spare moment, stop by and enjoy this city oasis!

Paul Revere Mall – This spot is almost hidden behind Old North Church in Boston’s North End. Locals called it The Prado and it has an attractive statue of Paul Revere on horseback. It also contains plenty of wide benches for seating, brick patios, a huge fountain, and stately trees. Paul Revere Mall is the classic urban park – the ultimate place to enjoy a carryout cappuccino or cannoli from one of the nearby North End bakeries.

Southwest Corridor Park – It is truly a ‘People’s Park.’ Being beautiful around the year, this linear park is especially ravishing during spring when flowering trees cover over the middle path. These same trees turn vibrant colors during the fall. If you want to catch spectacular fall foliage colors without leaving the city, this is a prime place to see it. 

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Fenway Victory Gardens – Want to see 500 gardens all in one place? Fenway Victory Gardens, located a few blocks away from Fenway Park, is the perfect place to look at natural beauty with 500 gardens; there’s a lot to see! The gardeners there have maintained the gardens so perfectly that it reflects the caretakers’ passion and creative vision. 

Kelleher Rose Garden – This is one of Boston’s loveliest gardens. It is also located in Back Bay Fens, known mostly to local rose enthusiasts. Once the roses start blooming in May, you can almost approach the garden by following the scent. In June, when every plant in the garden blossoms fully, there’s no lovelier spot in the city than Kelleher Rose Garden.

boston 5000729 1280 15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

Christian Science Plaza – Behind linden trees along Huntington Avenue and across from Prudential Center, Christian Science Plaza is the city’s loveliest urban garden. It has an enormous reflecting pond, dashing fountains where kids cool off on hot summer days, and large planters overflowing with flowering plants. Skyscrapers surround you – but after just a few minutes spent here, you’ll feel like you’re in an exclusive, private, secret, and almost hidden garden.

Carmen Park – If you’ll ask Bostonians where to find Carmen Park, you will get a blank look. It is because it gets overlooked as it is behind the famous and the oldest historic Dock Square and, of course, has dominated the space. So, if you visit there, step back a bit, and you’ll be able to see how this park’s trees, grass, and paths surround the dazzling Memorial towers with advancement, aim, and the eternal promise of the changing seasons. Although the park is not huge and covers around 2 acres, it is one of the most powerful and relaxing spots in the city. 

Lawn on D – It is not hidden per se, but behind the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on D Street, Lawn On D is mostly overlooked. It is a fun adult playground with LED illuminating glow-in-the-dark swings and comfy chairs for lounging and lawn games, art displays, and live music on warm summer nights under the Pavilion. From spring through fall, there’s more or less always something fun going on.  

michael skok MVpNfntTOkk unsplash 15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

Forest Hills Cemetery – The Forest Hills are at the last southern stop on the Orange Line of Boston’s T system. It is not only a garden cemetery and National Historical Place, but also a 172-year-old burial ground where you may notice the gravestones for late notables, like poets Anne Sexton and E. E. Cummings. 

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Chandler Pond – If you are looking for a Brighton location, this is the best spot to visit in Boston. This lagoon was excavated by horticulturist William C. Strong to serve as a huge icebox somewhere between St. Elizabeth’s and Oak Square. Also, there is a short path in which you can enjoy walking and relaxing, but the first thing to do here is to take a seat, enjoy the fresh air, and feel calm!

Kendall Center Rooftop Garden – Everyone knows secret and hidden gardens are the speakeasies of nature. And what if that garden happens to be on a rooftop? It will be much more elegant and classy. It is located just across from the Kendall T station. You will have to take the elevator in the parking garage next to the Marriott; look for the signs in big green letters that say “Kendall Square Roof Garden“. Once you arrive up top, you can enjoy a picnic at one of the tables (you must have hand sanitizer), and be fond of the enthralling rooftop views. 

Amory Playground – It is situated just down the street from Coolidge Corner. This outdoor area is a few blocks away from Beacon, off Amory Street, and features a range of landscape with enough to explore. It is filled with tennis courts and baseball fields that are free of team sports or viewers at the moment, and are open for wandering around. Or, check out one of the many playgrounds in Boston to let your kids have a fun afternoon.

The Back Bay Fens – It starts from the Boston Common, looping around the peninsula’s neck to Franklin Park. Walking along Frederick Law Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace is an unusual way to see several Boston neighborhoods and to spend a sunny afternoon. And if you don’t have quite so much time, then go straight to the Fens, where you can wander through the Kelleher Rose Garden and one of the only remaining Victory Gardens.

boston 77500 1280 15 hidden garden, park, and nature spots in Boston

Revere Beach – It is located about five miles down to north Boston and is about three miles long; it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your visit to Boston. You can have a bike ride or a walk around the shorelines and enjoy the sunsets. You can also stop for a bite to eat at the world-famous Kelly’s Roast Beef. Or check out one of the other many nearby beaches to Boston, too.

Neponset River Reservation – If you’re already in Lower Mills, you should not miss the chance to hop on a bike and roll along the Neponset River Greenway, which is about five miles from end to end. This river separates Boston from Quincy and Milton and bridges Boston Harbor to Blue Hills Reservation. The waterway’s paved route is the perfect way to get out of the city!

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Explore these beautiful natural spots with their nearly hidden gardens while in Boston. Happy Travels!

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