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Traveling to theme parks and busy cities is always guaranteed fun. However, if you’re looking for a more secluded vacation filled with breathtaking scenery and towns full of rich history, you may need to add Skagway, Alaska to your list of places to visit.

Here’s a list of six things to do in Skagway, Alaska that will provide Instagram-worthy photos and memories for a lifetime.

1. Take a Ride on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad 

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White Pass Summit Railroad, Skagway, Alaska
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Built-in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush, the White Pass and Yukon Railroad climbs up to 3,000 feet in just 20 miles. Passengers catch glimpses of some of the land’s most beautiful tunnels, waterfalls, and mountains. This railroad is an engineering marvel, but with sights of magnificent glaciers and gorges, it’s no wonder why this attraction is the “The Scenic Railway of the World.” 

2. Visit the Klondike Gold Rush National Park

In 1897, miners struck gold in the Klondike region of the Yukon. Soon, thousands rushed to the area with the hopes of striking gold themselves. A few found riches, but most did not. You can visit this national park and celebrate the brave souls who took a chance in the pursuit of a dream. 

3. Tour Jewell Gardens 

Take advantage of all five-acres of Alaska’s most spectacular certified show garden. When you take a tour, you can experience everything it has to offer and immerse yourself in the vast array of flowers, fruits, and vegetables at Jewell Gardens. If beautiful plants weren’t enough to excite the traveler in you, the garden also offers a glassblowing experience. Here, professionals will guide you in creating a handblown glass globe. Afterwards, grab a bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, where they serve produce freshly picked from the garden. 

4. Explore Davidson Glacier

For those who want to get up close and personal with all of Skagway, Alaska’s fantastic scenery, Davidson Glacier offers astonishing views. It’s about four miles long of natural wonder. It’s essential to know that getting to the glacier requires a boat or plane ride and a short hike, but don’t fret! Scheduling transportation is easy and not too damaging to your wallet. Every visitor has noted that the experience at Davidson Glacier is worth the price.  

5. Go on a Walking Tour of Skagway’s National Historic District 

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Travel back to 1898 by stepping foot in Skagway, Alaska’s Historic District. With efforts to restore and preserve the late-1800s atmosphere, many of the buildings appear as they did over 100 years ago with only slight updates such as paint and electrical wiring. Almost 100 structures remain from the Klondike Gold Rush era, and many visitors report feeling like an 1800s gold-miner themselves. 

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6. Experience The Klondike Brewing Company

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The Klondike Brewing Company has rated as one of the best attractions in Skagway, Alaska by Tripadvisor with five-star reviews from visitors. For experienced craft beer drinkers or those who just want to see what all the fuss is about, the Klondike Brewing company will not disappoint. The brewery offers craft beers served at 38-degrees Fahrenheit, a taproom, and an onsite mercantile and beer garden. Tours are available daily but fill up fast during peak visiting seasons, so be sure to reserve your tour!


When you’re looking for a hidden gem among the most popular travel destinations in the world, it can be hard to find a place that meets your tourism desires. Skagway, Alaska has unique attractions, deep history, and a wide range of natural beauty that is sure to leave you satisfied and wanting to return for a second visit. 

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