Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city. Filled with gorgeous historical architecture, charming old-fashioned streets, and manicured green spaces, Savannah is easily one of the prettiest places in the American South. Also, one of the most romantic destinations in the USA

There are so many romantic things to do in Savannah that you can easily spend a weekend here and still not do it all. From walking through an elegant Forsyth Park to learning some really quirky facts about Savannah to taking a post-dinner carriage ride, Savannah has a ton of attractions for couples. 

The city gets even prettier in spring when azaleas and camellias are in full bloom and love is in the air. Walking under Spanish moss canopies while admiring Savannah’s historic homes sprinkled all over with flowers can be a delightful experience for couples. Add to that, festivals, parades, and art walks – and Savannah becomes the perfect romantic getaway.

Here are the best romantic things to do in Savannah that will inspire you to plan your next holiday to this charming southern city. 

Best romantic things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Stroll through Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

Forsyth Park along with its iconic water fountain is one of the most popular attractions to visit in this dynamic city. It is an absolute must-have in your itinerary even if you are visiting Savannah for a day

The fountain in Forsyth Park is more than 150 years old and was modelled after the fountains of Place de la Concorde in Paris. Beautiful and classy, it is known to be an inspiration for writers, artists, and even lovers.

The park is also home to many amazing Savannah festivals every year including the Sidewalk Arts Festival, Jazz Festival, and Philharmonic Orchestra. You can catch one with your partner if you are visiting in season.

Or simply, enjoy a picnic under the massive oak trees, get some sun in the green fields, or take a stroll through the fragrant garden specially designed for the blind. Do not forget to walk through some of the park’s winding paths and rest in the quiet, shaded spots. 

Get clicked at the Live Oak Avenue in Wormsloe

Live oak avenue wormsloe storiesbysoumya The Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Wormsloe Historic Site is one of the most romantic places in Savannah GA especially with its live oak lined driveway that is the perfect backdrop for couple photographs. 

Savannah is filled with moss-covered oak trees and therefore, has hundreds of excellent photo ops. However, getting a photo shoot done at the beautiful live oak avenue in Wormsloe beats everything else.

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Spend a late afternoon here when golden light peeks through the mossy oak branches and go back home with romantic portraits and wonderful memories.

Enjoy a romantic dinner at The Olde Pink House

Plan for a romantic dinner at The Olde Pink House, an 18th-century mansion that is replete with crystal chandeliers and rustic furniture. Food here is delicious. We highly recommend their fried green tomatoes, filet mignon, and crispy fried chicken. 

Voted to be one of the most romantic restaurants in Savannah, The Olde Pink House offers intimate seating in the cellar downstairs along with live music. Make sure you reserve a table here for that perfectly romantic date night in Savannah. 

Relish an ice cream at Leopold’s 

If you are looking for fun things to do with your partner in Savannah Georgia, walk up to this 100-year-old ice cream shop and relish the most delicious homemade ice creams in the world. Founded in 1919 by three brothers who immigrated from Greece to the USA, Leopold’s Ice Cream has become an integral part of Savannah’s culture. 

They serve some of the yummiest ice creams and come up with new flavors all the time. Latest on the menu are Thin Mints & Cream, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Lavender. Doesn’t that sound exciting and adventurous? 

If you wish to go with tried and tested flavors, try their original tutti frutti, butter pecan, and honey almond. Can’t go wrong with those!

Walk down the beautiful Jones Street

Savannah is filled with quaint streets and cosy corners. However, nothing beats the breath-taking beauty of Jones Street. 

Filled with ivy-covered mansions, brick-lined sidewalks, and large trees dripping with Spanish moss, Jones St. is easily one of the prettiest streets in this historic city. The street gets even lovelier in spring when azaleas are in full bloom. 

Since Jones St. is not usually a part of tourist itineraries, you will notice it is quieter and less crowded than other places. Here is the perfect opportunity to get lost in your own world while adoring sumptuous Greek Revival houses and their pretty landscaped gardens. 

Take a romantic carriage ride

There is nothing more romantic than riding a horse-drawn carriage through Savannah’s historic district. If you haven’t taken one of the umpteen carriage tours available in Savannah, try taking a sunset ride through the lamp-lit streets of the historic center. Or may be an intimate one after dinner with a bouquet of roses?

Plan for a magical evening on a private romantic tour with Plantation Carriage Company. If both of you are history nerds, you can opt for a private history tour ending with roses. Or check out the proposal ride with Savannah Carriage Tours if you are planning to pop the question this year. Nothing can be more romantic than proposing under a canopy of Spanish moss while trotting through the cobbled streets of Savannah, can it?

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Head to the pretty Gingerbread House

Wander to Gingerbread House on Bull St. to appreciate its elaborate architecture and steamboat gothic gingerbread carpentry adopted from the Black Forest region in Germany. 

Not only is the Gingerbread House the most photographed historic home in Savannah, but also a preferred wedding location. Built in 1899, this place oozes southern hospitality and adds to Savannah’s fame as a romantic location for destination weddings. 

Click some pictures together at this vintage property flanked by a 200-year-old live oak. Who knows – you might just decide to come back and plan your destination wedding here!

Visit a historic square

Savannah public square storiesbysoumya The Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is teeming with history and so are the 22 public squares in Savannah. While some of them are extremely popular, others are outright romantic. 

Monterey Square, just north of Forsyth Park, is often referred to as the most picturesque square in Savannah. We quite agree. Surrounded by beautiful historic homes including the iconic Mercer-Williams House and mossy live oaks, Monterey Square does live up to its reputation. 

Madison Square is another beautiful one which is also a local favorite. Having brunch at the Gryphon Tea Room nearby is a lovely experience.

Do not miss out on visiting Chippewa Square where the bus stop scenes from the movie Forrest Gump were shot. It is still home to that famous Forrest Gump bench and an impressive sculpture of James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia. 

Take a walk along Savannah’s waterfront

Waterfronts are always romantic and so is Savannah’s. River St. in Savannah is packed with age-old buildings, boutiques, antique shops, fascinating art galleries, popular night spots, and scores of exceptional restaurants. Walking through River St. is almost like walking through a museum showcasing Savannah’s art, history, and culture.

If you are looking to shop for curios and souvenirs, then River St. is where you should be heading. The open-air market located at the east end of the street provides both local and international shopping experiences. 

And if one of you is a foodie, then this place is heavenly. Stacked with restaurants, River St. provides you with numerous opportunities to sample Southern cuisine and local delights in unique spaces. You can dine in historic warehouses, gorge on seafood by the river, and taste special homemade dishes. 

Enjoy a dinner cruise with live music

Savannah river cruise stories by soumya The Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Do not miss out on a romantic dinner cruise on the Savannah River when visiting the city. You can enjoy fresh seafood and local dishes in a beautiful ballroom as you slowly glide through the waters. Engage in a romantic dance with your partner as you listen to some lively music performed by the riverboat’s very own entertainment band.

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If you are not feeling like dinner, Savannah Riverboat Cruises also offers sunset and moonlight cruises wherein you can enjoy the cool evening breeze and some amazing views of downtown Savannah.

Tips for planning a romantic getaway in Savannah, Georgia

  • Read the book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, or watch the movie for some serious Savannah wanderlust.
  • If you are planning to visit a lot of attractions, purchase a Savannah Tour Pass to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.
  • If you love food, then you are going to love Savannah. The city is full of wonderful foodie tours that include both popular restaurants and secret wall-in-the-hole kind of places. Be prepared to gorge on the delicious Southern cuisine.
  • Try to plan your trip in spring because that is the best time to visit Savannah. The city is full of colors and life. It has a unique romantic vibe to it.
  • Savannah is a pleasantly walkable city. Carry a pair of walking shoes to enjoy exploring the city on foot. 
  • If you have time, head down the Georgia coastline to visit places such as St. Simons Island or Jekyll Island.

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