A Travel Price Comparison for Families, Couples, and Backpackers Cappadocia vs. Luxor for Vacations, Tours, and Honeymoons

Should you visit Cappadocia or Luxor?

Which is cheaper to visit? Which is more expensive for vacation?

Should I visit Cappadocia or Luxor? This is a common question asked by many travelers. By figuring out which city has activities that align with your interests along with knowing which is more affordable, you'll understand where you can get more bang for your buck. So, let's dive into the details and the data, which all comes from actual travelers.

Where Should I go: Cappadocia or Luxor?


Cappadocia is in Central Anatolia, between the mountains Erciyes, Melendiz and Hasan. It is famous for its underground cities, fairy chimneys, and caves. The landscape of the area is some of the most unique you'll ever see. The fairy chimneys are bizarrely shaped rock outcroppings that have evolved from the unique geography in the area. There are hiking trails through the series of valleys that make up the area. It's a great place to explore for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.


Egypt is surely on the top of every history lover's bucket list. Nowhere is the history more engrossing than in Luxor. From amazing monuments dating back to ancient Thebes to rows of temples up the Nile, this remarkable city is full the stories of past greatness.

The East Bank – or the central part of Luxor Township – is the hotbed for tourism. This is where most of the hotels and resorts are, while the West Bank is home to the ancient ruins and archaeological wonders you'll want to explore.

Before traveling to Egypt, be sure to check on the current affairs and political climate. It could have a major effect on the amount of tourists visiting, and, if conditions are too dangerous, you may want to reschedule. Also note, ladies, to avoid any issues, dress modestly. This is a very conservative region of the world. The less skin showing, the better.

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Which place is cheaper, Luxor or Cappadocia?

These are the overall average travel costs for the two destinations.

The average daily cost (per person) in Cappadocia is $153, while the average daily cost in Luxor is $18. These costs include accommodation (assuming double occupancy, so the traveler is sharing the room), food, transportation, and entertainment. While every person is different, these costs are an average of past travelers in each destination. What follows is a categorical breakdown of travel costs for Cappadocia and Luxor in more detail.

  • Accommodation Hotel or hostel for one person
    Cappadocia $53
    Luxor $7.77
  • Accommodation Typical double-occupancy room
    Cappadocia $106
    Luxor $16
Compare Hotels in Cappadocia and Luxor

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Hotels in Cappadocia

Hotels in Luxor

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Our Analysis
We've analyzed the average and typical hotel prices based on guest reviews, star ratings, and hotel amenities here: Cappadocia Hotel Prices and Luxor Hotel Prices.

Local Transportation
  • Local Transportation Taxis, local buses, subway, etc.
    Cappadocia $51
    Luxor $3.98

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Cappadocia

Also for Cappadocia, here are a few examples of actual transportation services:

  • Cappadocia Red Tour (Pro Guide, Tickets, Lunch, Transfer incl): $75
  • Private Airport Transfer Service from/to Kayseri or Nevsehir : $110
  • 2 Days 1 Night Cappadocia Tour (Airport Transfer, Hotel, Daily Tour And Atv): $235
  • 2 way Transfer fr/to Nevsehir & Kayseri Airport / Cappadocia: $33
  • 2-Hour Sunset Quad Bike Tour in Cappadocia with Transfer (1 ATV for 2 persons): $36
  • Airport Shuttle Transfer(Kayseri ASR - Nevsehir NAV Airport to Hotel): $13
  • Airport Transfer From and To Kayseri and Nevsehir : $13
  • Cappadocia Airport Private Transfer: $110
  • Cappadocia Airport Transfer Safe and Comfortable : $37
  • Cappadocia Balloon Ride with Breakfast, Champagne and Transfers: $250
  • Cappadocia Green Tour (pro guide, Lunch, transfer incl): $61
  • Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride 18-24 Person with Transfer: $88

Typical Local Transportation Prices in Luxor

Below are a few samples from actual travelers for transportation costs in Luxor:

  • Taxi Ride

Hired Cars and Shuttles in Luxor

Some specific examples of transportation prices in Luxor:

  • 3-Night Nile Cruise to Aswan with Transfers and Meals: $429
  • One Way Transfer From Luxor to Alexandria In A Private Vehicle: $298
  • 2 Night Nile Cruise To Aswan With Transfer: $286
  • Luxor to Marsa Alam Private Transfer: $277
  • Comfortable Private Transfer from Luxor to El Cairo: $276
  • Enjoy 2 days Luxor,Aswan,Abu Simbel includes daily lunch&transfers: $254
  • Private Transfer from luxor to Aswan with 2 stops in Komombo & Edfu Temples : $220
  • Private Pickup Transfers from Luxor to Cairo by Bus : $220
  • Private Transfer from Luxor to Dendara Temple to Hurghada: $199
  • Private Transfer Luxor City To Sahl Hasheesh: $193
  • Private transfer - from Luxor to Hurghada and visit Dendara en route: $192
  • One Way Private Transfer from Luxor to Aswan by Car: $180

Is it cheaper to fly into Cappadocia or Luxor?

Prices for flights to both Luxor and Cappadocia change regularly based on dates and travel demand. We suggest you find the best prices for your next trip on Kayak, because you can compare the cost of flights across multiple airlines for your prefered dates.

  • Food Meals for one day
    Cappadocia $50
    Luxor $5.94
Typical Food Prices in Cappadocia

Here are some examples of typical meal expenses from previous travelers to Cappadocia:

  • Cookies

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Cappadocia

For Cappadocia, here are some samples of tours and activities related to meals and dining experiences:

  • Turkish Night with Dinner and Unlimited Drinks İn the Rock Cave: $33
  • Turkish Night Show in Cave Restaurant with Dinner and Transfer: $44
  • Cappadocia Turkish Night in Avanos Dinner Included: $49
  • Turkish Night Show With Dinner in a Cave Restaurant: $55
  • Cappadocia Turkish Night Show with Dinner: $61
  • Cappadocia Turkish Night Show with Dinner and Entertainments: $63
  • Turkish Night Show & Dinner: $64
  • Romantic Cappadocia Sunset Dinner and Wine : $65
  • Cappadocian cooking - hands-on class with pickup: $65
  • Cappadocia Cave Restaurant for Dinner and Turkish Entertainments: $72
  • 2-Hour Cappadocia Turkish Night Show and Dinner Experience: $77
  • Cooking class at the Local Village House in Cappadocia: $86

Food Tours and Cooking Classes in Luxor

Also, here are some specific examples of food and dining related activities in Luxor.

  • Tourist market,local food tour,the gym and coffee in Luxor: $19
  • Dinner on the River Nile with Belly Dancing: $35
  • Eat Like a Local:Traditional Egyptian Food / Dinner at Local Family Home - Luxor: $36
  • Luxor Sunset Felucca Ride and Banana Island with Lunch or Dinner: $38
  • Dinner Cruise on the Nile River: $43
  • Luxor Sunset Felucca Ride and Banana Island with Lunch or Dinner : $50
  • Private Half Day Felucca Ride and Banana Island with Lunch or Dinner From Luxor: $52
  • Karnak Sound And Light Show With Dinner, Felucca  : $64
  • Luxor & Mummification Museums & City Tour by H. Carriage & Dinner: $70
  • private day in west bank & dendera with dinner on boat: $86
  • Enjoy Half Day Sunset Felucca Ride and Banana Island with Lunch or Dinner: $90

  • Entertainment Entrance tickets, shows, etc.
    Cappadocia $96
    Luxor $6.87
Typical Entertainment Prices in Cappadocia

For Cappadocia, here are some examples of average entertainment and activity prices from previous travelers:

  • Underground City Entrance for Two
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two
  • Horseback Riding for Two
  • Cappadocia Driving Tour
  • Goreme Museum Entrance Fee
  • Whirling Dervishes Show
  • Turkish Bath
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Goreme open air museum
  • Bellydancing Show

Tours and Activities in Cappadocia

Also, here are some specific examples of entertainment, tickets, and activities for Cappadocia.

  • Skip the Line: Guray Museum Admission Ticket: $4.42
  • Best Of Private Cappadocia Tour ( Car & Guide ): $4.97
  • Cappadocia Private Tour (Car & Guide): $5.00
  • Full Day Private Cappadocia Tour( Car & Guide): $10
  • Quad Safari Tour in Cappadocia / 2 Hour: $13
  • Cappadocia 1 hour horse tour: $14
  • Balloons watching Tour w/ PickUp, Breakfast & Photographer: $15
  • Cappadocia horseback valley tour: $17
  • From Ürgüp/Göreme: Cappadocia Sunrise or Sunset Quad Tour: $19
  • Sunrise Balloon Watching Tour with Photographer: $20
  • Cappadocia Local Carpet Weaving Tour: $20
  • Guided ATV Tour with Sunrise Option: $21

Typical Entertainment Prices in Luxor

Here are a few typical costs in Luxor for activities, ticket prices, and tours that come from previous visitors:

  • Boat Ride (for 2)
  • Temple Karnak for Two
  • Camel Ride for Two

Tours and Activities in Luxor

Here are a few actual costs in Luxor for available activities, ticket prices, and tours:

  • 4 days 3 nights Aswan-luxor Nile Cruise: $150
  • 7 nights Nile Cruise: $300
  • City Tour, Hot Air Balloon, Kings Valley, Felucca in Luxor: $110
  • Daily Tour at The East & West Bank of the Nile: $108
  • Day Private Tour to Karnak and Luxor Temples: $90
  • Day Tour to East and West Banks From Luxor: $24
  • Day tour to Aswan from Luxo visit Edfu,Kom Ombo,Phila Temples & Aswan dam.: $276
  • Dendera and Abydos Temples Day Tour from Luxor with Lunch: $75
  • Dendera and Abydos Temples Tour from Luxor: $123
  • Dendera and Abydos Templs Full Day Tour: $170
  • Dendera and Abydos private tour from Luxor: $125
  • East Bank Tour in Luxor: $87

  • Alcohol Drinks for one day
    Cappadocia $19
    Luxor $2.31

Sample the Local Flavors in Cappadocia

Some specific costs for nightlife related activities in Cappadocia:

  • Wine Tasting in Cappadocia Turkey: $22
  • Cappadocia Nightlife Experience: Bar and Pub Crawl Tour: $33
  • Cappadocia Wine Cellar and Wine Yard with Wine Tasting: $53
  • Private Sunset and Wine Tasting Experience in Cappadocia: $88
  • Ancient Cappadocia's Wine Tasting - Private Tour: $275
  • Private Tour: Best of Cappadocia with Wine Tasting: $287

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Cappadocia and Luxor, we can see that Cappadocia is more expensive. And not only is Luxor much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. Since Cappadocia is in Europe and Luxor is in Africa, this is one of the main reasons why the costs are so different, as different regions of the world tend to have overall different travel costs. So, traveling to Luxor would let you spend less money overall. Or, you could decide to spend more money in Luxor and be able to afford a more luxurious travel style by staying in nicer hotels, eating at more expensive restaurants, taking tours, and experiencing more activities. The same level of travel in Cappadocia would naturally cost you much more money, so you would probably want to keep your budget a little tighter in Cappadocia than you might in Luxor.

If you're trying to decide if either of these two destinations are within your price range, also see Is Cappadocia Expensive? and Is Luxor Expensive?.

Which is Bigger, Cappadocia or Luxor?

Luxor has a larger population, and is about 70 times larger than the population of Cappadocia. When comparing the sizes of Cappadocia and Luxor, keep in mind that a larger population does not always imply the destination has more attractions or better activities. So, always research the type of place that you want to visit along with the activities and attractions that interest you.