The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding in Bali

There is a thriving destination wedding industry in Bali, Indonesia, Asia's shining jewel, otherwise known as the romance capital. Every year, westerners, Australians and people from all over the archipelago hold their nuptials on the island surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery and aura few only dream about.

From picturesque landscapes to the vibrant Balinese culture, white sandy beaches to 5-star hotels perched over cliff-edges and overlooking the blue sea, these are some of the things you can enjoy if you hold your wedding on the island. If this gets you excited about Bali as a potential destination venue for your wedding or honeymoon, you'll enjoy reading these five incredible facts about destination wedding Bali.

1. Bali Is the Undisputed Romance Capital

All over Asia and the world over, there are only a few places that get close to Bali in terms of romance. The abundance of world-class beaches, exclusive tours, honeymoon and wedding packages is just perfect for couples looking for an unforgettable experience. You will probably bump into several other couples planning their wedding on the island or enjoying their honeymoons.

What's more, the local Balinese economy is built around tourism with romantic vacations and destination weddings at the top of their list of unique experiences. With a mature and well-organized wedding industry, you will have an incredibly easy time planning and hosting your dream wedding here.

2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Picking off from the previous point, organizing a formal or informal wedding in Bali is made easy by the all-inclusive wedding packages available on the island. While it can be stressful and complicated to organize destinations weddings, the local resorts have ready packages for you. A typical destination wedding package from a local resort will take care of all the legal work, wedding ceremony, reception, transport and even the honeymoon.

You might think that such all-inclusive packages are costly but you would be wrong. In fact, some people find it cheaper and easier to host a destination wedding in Bali than in their home countries. A typical all-inclusive wedding package in Bali will probably cost you a few thousand dollars depending on the venue, itinerary and number of guests you will have at the reception. The flights might be the most expensive part of the whole trip!

3. Different Styles for Your Dream Wedding

People who haven't been to Bali often think that Bali is all about the beaches and sea adventures. However, you'd be surprised to see just how diverse and endowed this island is in terms of landscapes, culture and beauty. You can hold your wedding beside the sea and dance under the stars in the warm night. You could also choose an unforgettable rural wedding among rice paddies, rivers and incredible greenery.

4. Different Themes and Wedding Arrangements

Bali destination weddings come in different styles and themes. You can go for a full traditional wedding complete with the stunning Balinese kebaya dresses and sarongs. Alternatively, you could go for something close to a royal wedding in Christian, Muslim or Buddhist style in one of the 5-star resorts. The more adventurous could take it even further by holding a jungle-themed wedding in the Balinese forests or mountain reserves.

5. Doubles Up as A Honeymoon Spot

No tickets to book, no planes to catch, no jetlag to nurse after tying the knot in the romance capital. Bali is the ideal destination if you want to make your first days as a couple perfect or near-perfect. Besides being a popular destination wedding spot, Bali is also one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. This is where western celebrities and royals have for many years, spent their honeymoon. More recently, the Prince and Princess of Georgia came to Bali for their honeymoon.

This fact is certainly not lost on the local wedding hosts and organizers. You will most likely get a honeymoon offer you cannot refuse in addition to the all-inclusive wedding package. This is what makes Bali so special and ideal for destination weddings.

The Bottom Line
Bali has undoubtedly made a name for itself as a romantic destination and now it's slowly becoming one of the top destination wedding spots in the world. One thing you can be sure about a wedding in Bali- it will be unforgettable.

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